July 2017 Petah Tikva attack

On 24 July 2017, an Israeli civilian was stabbed in Petah Tikva, Israel, by a Palestinian man from Qalqilya. The incident is suspected as an act of terrorism.
The attacker, a Palestinian resident of Qalqilya, stabbed a bus driver near a Shawarma stand in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, after he had entered to the shop. The assailant was arrested and taken for questioning by the Israeli police. the victim, a 32-years-old man, resident of the Arab-Israeli village of Arraba, was in moderate-to-serious condition from stab wounds in his neck, and was taken to Beilinson Hospital.
The stabber, identified as 21-years old Palestinian man from Qalqilya, was illegally residing and working in Israel. He repeatedly told police just after the stabbing that he carried out the attack "for Al-Aqsa." He spent time in prison in the years 2015 and 2016.
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