James C. Andrews

James Connor Echlin Andrews is a freelance writer/photographer, profiled on the BBC Four TV show, The Book Quiz - in episodes 6 and 7 of Series 2. He is currently artistic director for both north london boroughs of Islington and Haringey.
Early life
Born and raised in Finsbury Park, north London, and attended Christ The King RC primary school before leaving to study at Bishop Douglass School in 1999. It was here that he witnesses events which would later have a Profoundly strong effect on him - most notably an incident in 2000, where a student was attacked yards from his location.
While studying for his GCSE's and A Levels, Andrews spent several years working as an apprentice for local news outlets sponsored by Archant publishing. He initially worked for the BBC in 2004, before leaving to work for Capital gardens as their press agent. After leaving in 2006, James went on to help produce 'Carluccio and the Leopard', which is to be shown on BBC 4 on New Years Eve. He is currently the main photographer for the London Palladium, working with Alan Menken on the musical Sister Act.
On October 2007, Andrews enrolled at the University of Reading, studying English Literature and Typography - on the recommendation from Johnaton Ross that he Does something fulfilling, rather than spend his life working for the BBC. He has been comissioned for Alex James' new book - a sequel to his highly successful, A Bit of Blur. He is currently writing a book, 'The Art of Vegetarianism' which will be published by Macmillan Publishers in late 2009
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