Jam boy

The Jam Boy was first introduced in the 1800s when the British Empire occupied India. When the British gentry went to play golf, they would have two men, the caddy and a Jam Boy. The Jam Boys were covered in jam from head to toe, or sometimes jelly and used to attract the insects away from the golfers. After fulfilling his duties, a jam boy would be allowed to keep the fly-covered jam for himself.

On some North African and far eastern countries (Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam) the practice continues today. This practice is known as "the Nelly".
In Tasmania, Australia the jam boy is often called "Harold" or "Beauy" as they are said to act in similar ways to the current town drunk.
At a recent golf outing in Pennsylvania, a group of young males used a caddy as well as a volunteer jam boy in protest of the practice.
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