Jackass UK

Jackass UK is a British stunt team based in , England. The team have gained their popularity through various community websites and video submitting which bought them various TV deals with Somethin' Else Productions & .


The Team's Birth

Jackass UK was originally started by Andi Briggs with his friend "Crazy Joe" on the 22nd March 2005 at the Burslem College Campus, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. The reason for the team emerging was due to the two members getting fed up with long breaks around the college. Stunts that both Briggs and Crazy Joe did around their college gained them both popularity and several suspensions which both paid for overtime due to unfinished work and grade failures. The name Jackass UK was chosen to honor the Jackass team based in the USA however the team have now adopted it enough to be called the Official Jackass team of the UK due to their popularity and status.

The Growth Of The Team

The Jackass UK boys Andi Briggs & Crazy Joe were good at their stunts but they didnt quite make a team as a Duo so they opted to find more members, doing this was difficult as there were not many people willing to do stunts around the area. Briggs had the idea to make the team a website based on the popular website and then after adding a number of people in the Stoke-on-Trent area, found future members Ashley Colclough, Scott Colclough, Karl Parmee, Natalie C, James Black & Lukas Searle. The team also took on various sponsors and live events at local venues again furthering the teams popularity base.

Team Changes

Over the years of the teams existance, members have come and left from the team including the teams creator Crazy Joe and past members Natalie C, Diddy, James Black & Lukas Searle but all past members are still in contact with the team and they feature on their videos from time to time for cameo roles.

Team Videos

Almost all of the Jackass UK stunts are uploaded to various websites for everybody to watch and comment, most videos are cut to the best bits or re-edited to show more than one camera angle. Each video uploaded always comes with the Jackass UK logo to make sure no videos are stolen by other members of the , something team member Briggs decided on after stealing video's himself.

Most videos not uploaded to the internet are mainly too to show to the public however all videos are still kept for the Jackass UK archive for future use.

Arrests & Controversal Stunts

During January 25th 2007 Andi Briggs was arrested for Public Disturbance and again Feburary 25th 2007 for attacking a clubber outside the nightclub "Liquid". Both arrests had no charges pressed against Briggs.

Scott Colclough was cautioned for urinating out of a tree in public on the 1st August 2007 and a similar incident involving member Karl Parmee happened 3 days after on the 4th August 2007

Andi Briggs's popular stunt "The Flip" which involved a front flip into the Sir Stanley Matthews Statue in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent was condemned by Stoke City FC fans as "Disrespectful & Crude" and involved a petition signed by over 5,000 fans to get the video removed. Jackass UK Member Ashley Colclough replied to the petition and the video was removed along with a written apology by Briggs.

Cast & Crew

Main Cast Members

* Andi Briggs (Otherwise Known As Neo)

* Ashley Colclough

* Scott Colclough

* Karl Parmee

* ToKeN

Recurring Cast Members

* Crazy Joe

* Natalie C

* Diddy

* James Black


* Simon Briggs - Director, Manager & Producer

* Dale G - Cameraman

* Danni Proctor - Camerawoman

* Ani Hodkiss - Photographer

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