International Military Operations Group

The International Military Operations Group (IMOG) is a private military contractor. They have been in active service since the Falklands War and have given extensive training to many different countries' armed forces. They have powerful political ties and their sole income is from their operations which are funded by different nations worldwide.

IMOG is an elite group. Recruits include Ex-KGB, Delta Force, British SAS, French GNGC and other psychological warfare agencies throughout the world. The IMOG has its own base of operation at an undisclosed location. From there they possess their own R&D department and many training facilities. They operate highly covertly and have never been publicly involved in a warfare situation.

"The Company," as it's allegedly referred to internally, is run by a committee of ex-veterans and high ranking soldiers, including one Major A. Farrant, a British hero from the Gulf War who was dishonourably discharged for suspicion of mental difficulties. Many stories of the IMOG remain untold. Information about the contractor has never been leaked except once when a member was captured in Russia attempting to assassinate a businessman in St. Petersburg. The unnamed soldier denied any claim to country and was given sodium pentathol (truth serum) and unwillingly told of some of the inner workings of "The Company." KGB agents extracted the man from custody and handed him over to the IMOG; all evidence of what he said was inadvertently destroyed and the interviewers were sent to the gulag a month later for "unrelated reasons." This adds to the suspicion that "The Company" has extremely powerful connections, perhaps even the heads of some major states.
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