International Conference for the Integration of Science and Technology into Society

The International Conference for the Integration of Science and Technology into Society (ICISTS) is a non-profit organization under KAIST. ICISTS holds an annual conference named ICISTS-KAIST.
ICISTS-KAISTS takes place in KAIST<ref name="KAIST edu"/>. ICISTS is an annual international conference in which undergraduate students worldwide come together to learn about the most promising fields of science and technology by discussing and interacting with diverse participants and professionals<ref name=ICISTS/>.
Also, it is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the undergraduate students at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), to promote discourse on critical science and technology issues affecting modern society.
After the foundation of ICISTS-KAIST Organizing Committee, ICISTS hosted ‘ICISTS-KAIST 2005’, the first International Conference in Asia which offers an opportunity to facilitate discussion of the most important issues relevant to science and technology. ICISTS, having in mind the significance of science and technology in future generations, aims to raise a sense of awareness among the general public and foster future leaders of diverse backgrounds.
Details of ICISTS
ICISTS-KAIST focuses on socio-economical issues related to science and technology to reflect the rapid rise of science and technology’s impact in society worldwide.
ICISTS-KAIST, having in mind the significance of science and technology in future generations, aims to raise a sense of awareness among the general public and foster future leaders of diverse backgrounds.
1. Foster future global leaders
2. Promote science and technology, as well as KAIST, among the general public
3. Provide an international forum for debate
4. Form a human network between future leaders
5. Provide opportunities for students to interact with prominent figures
Primary Activities
1.Host an annual international conference, ICISTS-KAIST
2.Host internal workshops and seminars
3.Publish a semi-annual newsletter distributed both internally and externally
4.Prepare and participate in HPAIR conferences
5.Provide educational opportunities for middle and high school students
ICISTS was founded by Seo boemseok & Kim wonyoung in November, 2003 by the name HPAIR-KAIST. HPAIR,which stands for The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations <ref nameWIKIH/> is an official student group in Harvard University.However, in August, 2006 HPAIR changed their traits from a Network club to a partnership club. Hence, Harvard prohibited others from using the name 'HPAIR'<ref nameHPAIR/>, and HPAIR-KAIST had to change its name to ICISTS.
Later on, Seo beom seok became the president & Kim wonyoung became the vice president of ICISTS. In March, 2004, 11 people were selected out of 40 applicants, making the total of 13 members. They mainly planned on having seminars, studying economic / business / financial fields with students of other Korean universities.
Annual Conferences (ICISTS-KAIST 2010)
===Workshop #1 : Ubitopia===
In this workshop, we will learn about the structural and technological aspects of a U-City, based on concepts related to ubiquitous and infrastructure technology, while simultaneously analyzing the economic and cultural impact U-City will have on our society. Additionally, through the process of contemplating potential problems that could result from U-Life, delegates will have the opportunity to understand U-City in a comprehensive and constructive manner.
===Workshop #2 : Sustainable Energy===
The primary goal of this workshop is to understand current and future trends of energy technology, with a focus on the concept of sustainability. Through discussions on the social and economic applications of energy technology, delegates will gain an understanding of the social aspects of sustainable energy, and envision the potential structure of future societies that will be built with an emphasis on the concept of sustainability.
===Workshop #3 : Space Engineering===
Since the early exploration of outer space 60 years ago, there have been numerous transformations in our life. The range of communication has broadened significantly and its quality has improved far beyond our imagination. Through this workshop, delegates will learn about the latest space technologies and applications, and experience how space has become part of our lives.
Notable Speakers
Past speakers :
1. Seak Hyun Yun, Professor, Havard Medical School and KAIST/WCU
2. Andy Miah, Professor, FRSA, University of the West of Scotland
This year's speakers:
Workshop #1
Spiro N. Pollalis Professor of Design, Technology and Management, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Jung, Chang-duk Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Korea University
Park, Seung-chang CEO, Ubiquitous computing On Chip Co., Ltd.
Workshop #2
Lee, Tae-Yong Chief Director, Korea Energy Mangement Corporation
Yun, Sunjin Professor, Environmental Management, The Graduate School of Environmental Studies Seoul National University, Representative, Centre for Energy Alternative
Kwon, Myun Vice President, National Fusion Research Institute
Workshop #3
Chae, Yeon Suk Vice President, Young Astronauts Korea
Park, Pil Ho President, GNSS Technology Council
Heo, Mun Beom GNSS Team Leader, Korea Aerospace Research Institure
Ariane Cornell Executive Director, Space Generation Advisory Council

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