Henry James Jackson III was (born Friday, , ), best known by his stage name Hen-Jay, is a rapper/singer and producer from Saginaw, Michigan, who experienced popularity in the early 1990s. He is one of the best-talented and performing atrist, just by experiencing and watching one of the best producers talk radio hosts, and disc jockeys in the Mid-Michigan area, his uncle "Unseen D.J." some people relate to his uncle as "Bad Boy Joe". Hen-Jay still is up to date, and the most equavent artist in his city.

Personal Background

Born in Saginaw General Hospital and raised in a bad neighborhood of Saginaw, Michigan, Hen-Jay exhibits a hard results of growing up in the neighborhood of Buena Vista in Saginaw, by spending part of his early teenage years influencing around gangs, while his family failes to give him recognition. At the age of 11, Hen-Jay began his early stage of rapping. At the age of 15, Hen-Jay and his friends forms together a hip-hop/rap group around his surrounding area called "The Ice Makers". After so much frustrations and failer attempts, it was adjusted by the group that they'll all break off independently. At the age of 17, Hen-Jay was working on his first and second solo underground projects which were named "Upload 1" and "Upload 2". These two albums grabbed the attention of listeners, also gained recognition and respect from artists. At the age of 18, Hen-Jay released his third solo underground named "Da' Block". During "Da' Block" release his grandfather passed, and which Hen-Jay has written and produced the smash hit "Da' Fear" featuring former Ice Maker Al-J, which has given Hen-Jay the spotlight to entertainment today, also while making the album Hen-Jay has not to long ago recovered from an brain sis. But despite the doubt of others Hen-Jay still finishes the project which has gave him his own known attraction. With this so much attraction on Hen-Jay, he still wasn't with an record label. So in the summer, Hen-Jay has created his own underground record label named "S-Town Entertainment", and which he is now currently the founder and the president of. With his unique Midwest/Southern swagging style Hen-Jay shines threw and continues as he acknowledge his Saginaw roots.

Talent Career

In year of 2006 and 2007, Hen-Jay gave back to his high school at Buena Vista High School for the music program by being a mentor and/or percussion coach, after gradurating. In 2008, Hen-Jay is placed above 166 underground artists, and is ranked #32 at Music Hype Online Charts. Also MySpace has ranked Hen-Jay #65 in their [http://topartists.myspace.com/index.cfm?Mytoken6E40BF4C-6D0C-4E92-88F2F45C6D64D16356725175&fuseactionmusic.topBands&page0&GenreID41&CountryUS&stateMichigan&zip&distance&localTypestate&xargstringp&xargstringn&lastpagesent6 MySpace:Top 100 Soul Charts], in the state of Michigan.



2003: Upload 1

2004: Upload 2

2005: Da' Block

2008: Wet

Compilatation Albums



2002: "Hit Em' Up" (ft.Young Tree)

2003: "Pimps Be Rollin"

2004: "King Of Dy City" (Young Tree ft.Al-J & Hen-Jay)

2005: "My Birthday"

2005: "Slo' Life" (w/Al-J)

2005: "Da' Fear" (ft.Al-J)

2005: "Money, Money"

2008: "Im Ah Teach Ya"

Featured Albums

2005: Ths' Quarterblock (by Young Tree)

2005: Reality (by Al-J)

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