Hank Green

William Henry Green (born May 5, 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama) is the administrator of environmental blog EcoGeek.org.
He has also achieved limited Internet fame through his day-to-day video blogs, known as the Brotherhood 2.0 Project, along with his brother, John Green.

Early Life
Born in Alabama, Hank Green has one brother, John Green. Soon after birth, Hank and his family moved to Orlando, Florida. There he attended Winter Park High School, and graduated in 1998. He went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree in biochemistry from Eckerd College and then a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.


Hank Green is currently occupied as a web page designer. He has designed many web pages including:

* SaveTLake.org
* AlaskaCoalition.org
* WildThoughts.org
* UMT.edu
* MCAT.org
* Roaddiet.org

He also developed the webpages for the projects he is currently working on, Brotherhood 2.0 and Ecogeek.

Ecogeek is the project for which he is most well recognized. It all started as a class project.
EcoGeek was conceived and founded (and is run and edited) by Hank Green. Hank started EcoGeek in graduate school as a class assignment for his professor, Jon Weber, formerly of the Industry Standard, currently of NewWest.net.

It has grown since then and now includes Ecogeek, Carectomy, Envirovore, Envirowonk, and Wearing the Future. This has earned Hank prestige in environmental circles, and has gotten him published in many credible arenas.


Hank Green was first published in a collaborative effort called West to Mars. Since then he has gone on to be published twice in the New York Times. The first was an article on Global Warming Notes on a Sick Planet. In the second article, Hank was part of a "Harry Potter Roundtable". New York Times contacted him and asked him for an opinion on the recently released 7th book. A Round Table on Harry PotterHe has also written four articles for Mental_Floss Magazine, an intellectual publication.

Hank also wrote a column in a small Boulder, Colorado newspaper. He describes it as a column about "being young, poor, and green". In addition, he writes for Treehugger, a very popular environmentally friendly news blog, similar to EcoGeek.

Brotherhood 2.0

Hank and his brother John Green run a video blog project called Brotherhood 2.0. The original project ran from January 1 to December 31, 2007, with the premise that the brothers would cease all text-based ("textual") communication for the year and instead converse by video blogs, made available to the public via YouTube and on their website. The vlogs have several recurring themes, including "Nerdfighters," the official name for their more dedicated viewers, based on a video game John saw at an airport; the Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck, Hank and John's paypal-oriented "foundation" that vows to "decrease worldsuck" by giving the money donated to worthy causes; the Evil Baby Orphanage, a proposal to use a time machine to kidnap historical despots in infancy and pre-habilitate them at a mountain retreat; and amusing songs posted by Hank on a regular basis. In the December 31, 2007 video, it was revealed that the brothers had decided not to stop vlogging even though the project had ended. John and Hank now continue to post vlogs, though not daily, on their Youtube account, vlogbrothers.

This project has received larger acclaim through two main videos. The first was Hank's popular song released the week before the conclusion of the Harry Potter series with the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This video, titled Accio Deathly Hallows, became featured on YouTube's main page, which is leads to significant Internet exposure. The second claim to fame is "The Project for Awesome". This was a joint project with hundreds of other YouTube members. Each member was to create a video promoting a charity, in an attempt to "increase world awesome" and "Decrease World Suck". The purpose of this project was to get a single image on every video on that days Most Discussed Videos page. This goal was mostly achieved, with only one most discussed video not participated in the project. This is referred to as "The Day The Nerds Took Over YouTube".
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