Greg Tanoose

Greg Tanoose is a music producer and songwriter involved in various genres, often illustrating a lush electronica influence. His songs generally feature special guest artists that accompany him through different methods or instruments, such as Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Joe Smooth, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Stuart Sullivan, DJ Keoki, and Michael Alig. Recently, his song "What's In" garnered attention for being the first song to feature the Club Kid duo Michael Alig and DJ Keoki on the same track. The song was then featured in the film Glory Daze, directed by Ramon Fernandez. Under Unviersal Music France he wrote and produced the electro-ballad "Diva" with French pop singer Sylvain Moraillon. After a string of additional success, he then partnered with platinum producer Joe Smooth to launch the Chicago-based record label Indie Art Music.
In early 2017, he became a producer and music supervisor for Luisa Via Roma's Fashion Week event in Paris. An album with his music from the event, along with other artists, is sponsored by Italian fashion's Luisa Via Roma. Greg Tanoose has also been active in music publishing ventures like Transworld Skateboarding videos, who are among the world's most popular skateboarding magazines.
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