Eastern Alliance

The Eastern Alliance is a militaristic and totalitarian human interstellar state in the original Battlestar Galactica television series. The Alliance is opposed by the Western Coalition. It is primarily located on the planet Terra.
The Eastern Alliance appears in "Greetings from Earth", "Baltar's Escape" and "Experiment in Terra".
"Greetings from Earth" reveals the Alliance uses neutron (nuclear) weapons to clear habitable planets of Western population. "Experiment in Terra" reveals the Alliance has been wiping out the populations of every Western satellite. Later in the episode, the Alliance launches a surprise nuclear strike to wipe out the West after having maneuvered the Western Coalition president into a questionable peace treaty. They attack during the President's speech about the worthless peace treaty, and move the "critical and loyal" part of their population into bomb shelters. The Commandant refuses to warn the general population of the Alliance, saying that losses will be acceptable and that overpopulation is one of their biggest problems.
The Eastern Alliance has space-faring ships, force fields, laser guns and cryogenics. They use wheeled vehicles, lack ships capable of light speed, and cannot defend themselves against nuclear warfare. The Alliance favors a large laser rifle with a red pulsing strobe light. while John Kenneth Muir sees this "enemy as ruthless as the Cylons" as "fascistic."
* Commandant Leiter was played by Lloyd Bochner.
* Krebbs was plays by Curt Lowens.
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