GHABY aka Bassanio Ghabga is a Cameroonian singer/Afro-pop artist born in Bamenda, in the Northwest region of Cameroon. He started his career in 2010 in his early 20’s as a songwriter and a performing artist following a time writing songs for friends and other artists.
In 2012, GHABY started writing and singing as a solo artist. His first single was “You’re the one”, produced by BeatBaller.
In 2013, his first professional song was "Cheri Na You", followed by others, including "Mbaya, I Hear Say", "African Girl", "Angelina, So Beautiful", "Tin Tina", "Only you, Troway", "Let it be", "Show your style".
Working with other artists and producers such as T Austin, CoolKid, Trilby, BeatBaller, Christ G, Slim Beats, GHABY evolved through in and around Buea. GHABY is an independent with no crew and not signed to a label.
He was influenced by artists such as 2 Face, Bruno Mars, Sean Kingston, Henri Dikongue and Fela Kuti.
GHABY claims inspiration from God, from social issues as well as from his desire to achieve prominence in the music world.
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