Geordie Haka

The Geordie Haka is an imitation of the New Zealand haka that went viral on YouTube. It was created by a man named John Gray and a few friends of his who used to coach at Jarrow Vikings rugby league team. The video was also shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, such as Pinterest. It's lyrics are in the Geordie dialect of English. It has been posted several times in the news.
Lyrics and actions:
Ah knaa ye (repeat)
Ah knaa ye knaa me (repeat)
Wor kid looks like this (repeat)
Wor kid looks like this (repeat)
Geet fat knacka (repeat)
Wor kids working (repeat)
Arnly fiddle (repeat)
Tattoo me Ma (repeat)
Tattoo me Da (repeat)
Pint in this hand (repeat)
Tab in that hand (repeat).
Translation into Standard English:
I know you (repeat)
I know you know me (repeat)
My brother looks like this (he’s big)
My brother looks like this (he’s ugly)
He’s a big fat fellow (repeat)

My brother is working (repeat)

Only fiddle
He has a tattoo of my mother on his right arm
He has a tattoo of my father on his left arm
He has a pint of beer in his right hand
He has a cigarette in his left hand.
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