Forever in Terror

Forever in Terror is an American heavy metal music group from Streetsboro, Ohio.
Formerly known as 7th plague, Forever in Terror was formed in 2003 in Streetsboro, Ohio, in the Greater Cleveland area, by drummer Nick Borukhovsky. Between 2003 and 2006 the band went through name changes and member changes to finalize its current lineup of Chad Lundgren (bass guitar), Nick Borukhovsky (drums), Chris Bianchi (vocalist), Johnny Burke (guitar), Glenn Moore (guitar)
In 2004, after several small local shows, the band's new wave of American heavy metal style caught the attention of promotion/management company Hardcore Marketing, Inc., HM, Inc asked the band to play the Odeon Concert Club. The band opened for some of the biggest national names in metal, including being invited to play twice by Chimaira also supporting Meshuggah, Machine Head, Chimaira, and All That Remains.
In July 2005 Forever in Terror recorded its first demo with Hardcore Marketing's in-house producer Don Debiase and engineer Brandon Youngs at Track Six Recording.
Hardcore Marketing head Neil Sheehan shopped the band to labels, and they signed with Metal Blade in January 2006.
The band toured for two years to support their freshman release Restless in the Tides. They toured with Iwrestledabearonce, Vital Remains, Monstrosity, Beneath the Sky, Last Chance to Reason, Look What I Did, and Hell Within. The group was a part of the "New England Metal and Hardcore Festival"
At the end of their last tour in summer 2009, the band parted ways with Metal Blade Records. They returned home to regroup and start writing their second release, The End. Josh Owen (bass) and Nate Marti (guitar) left the band, which added new members and changed its sound slightly. They immediately began working on their second release, The End. They added Mike Wartko (keyboards), Ben Kantura (guitar), and Chad Lundgren (bass). Shortly after, the band parted ways with Hardcore Marketing.
The group's third full-length self-titled album released October 29, 2014, worldwide on In-Demand Records. This marks the group's first album with Johnny Burke since Restless In The Tides. The group will release a brand-new music video in Summer 2014 yet "TBA" along with regional support dates.
*Johnny Burke - guitar/vocals
*Glenn Moore - guitar
*Chad Lundgren - bass
*Chris Bianchi - vocals
*Nick Borkuhovsky - drums
*Restless in the Tides (June 12, 2007)
*The End (May 19, 2009)
*Forever in Terror (October 29, 2013 on In-Demand Records 2012)
;Current members
*Nick Borukhovsky - drums (2003-present)
*Johnny Burke - guitar, vocals (2003-2006, 2010-present)
*Glenn Moore - guitar (2007-present)
*Chad Lundgren - bass (2009-present)
*Chris Bianchi - vocals (2006-present)
;Former members
*Tim Felger - vocals (Seventh Plague era) (2003-2006)
*Josh Owen - bass (2003-2008)
*Chris "Nitro" Wiles - guitar (2006-2007)
*Mike Wartko - keyboards (on The End album) (2009-2010)
*Nathan Marti - rhythm guitar (2003-2008)
*Ben Kantura - rhythm, lead guitar (2009-2010)
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