Fanto is a web-based fantasy football (or fantasy soccer) game. The game follows a conventional style of traditional fantasy Sports. Real life players are picked into a squad each week. These players will then go on to score points based on events in real life matches. The game offered range from free to play to cash prizes based on a pooled structure.
Fanto operates differently from other fantasy football games available by offering games across a range of sports. In 2017, Fanto has run competitions on the RBS Six Nations, the Formula 1 season, Australian Tennis Open, Premier League Darts, English Premier League and the Champions League.
Other information
On June 12, 2014, the UK Gambling Commission awarded Fanto Gaming Ltd a remote pool betting gambling licence
On September 5, 2016, Digitalsport published an article highlighting areas where the Fantasy Sports “” market is heading according to Fanto. ‘
In June 2017, Fantasy Sports Bloggers, Fantasy Football Portal published an article explaining how Fantasy Tennis worked. In the article they used Fanto’s point scoring system to help educate their readers on how Fantasy Wimbledon 2017 can be played. ‘
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