EMB is short for "Emerica Message Board". Known as "The EMB", it is internet lodging for young skateboarders (and really, not-so-young skateboarders) to visit with one another and ramble about shoes, post videos of themselves skateboarding, talk about how their day was, discuss what they wore that day, things they like and dislike, or are stoked or bummed on, politics, religion, and gas prices - along with many many other consistent topics.

The EMB is a message board hosted on the website of Emerica , a skateboard shoe company. The EMB is actually the second generation of Emerica message boards; its predecessor is known as "The Blabs". The Blabs began in 2003, and to many OG members, The Blabs will live on in history; however, it is scarcely known among newer members that The Blabs lives on elsewhere on the internet. Nowadays, very few OG members come around to The EMB, because many of them prefer the original feel of The Blabs and don't enjoy the company of a lot of the newer members who are strictly familiar with The EMB. Also, many of them have grown up and gotten jobs, gone to college, and just haven't been heard from in a long time.

OG members are given the status "OG" for being, or having once been active participants in The Blabs specifically, and having not joined any later than 2004. OG stands for "Original Gangster" Current participation in The EMB is not a requirement to be considered OG, but being strictly active on The EMB and having never known The Blabs eliminates a member from being considered OG. It's a well-looked upon thing to know OGs, to be friends with OGs or be liked by OGs, to discuss OGs, and to reminisce about OGs in general.

The Moose Lodge
The Moose Lodge is the chatroom available to members of The EMB. It's been host to several crazy conversations and "events", such as the Jerry Hsu chat. It doesn't get very much use but there is a thread on The EMB for posting in to alert members when an individual is in the chat, so that others will come.

There are four notable site administrators that all EMB members should have a healthy fear of.

*[http://emericaskate.com/emb/account.php?u=9939 "Rel1sh"]

There are also several other moderators, who have generally aqcuired the status of moderator or administrator from being incredibly OG. Colinator who is currently known as OG (fka Emerician), Joe, Rob, Cara, and Tao are currently notable.

Colinator deals in bans; when a new member joins The EMB and is hated by the general public, the standard is that if ten members send Colinator a private message asking for a ban for the new member in question. If ten members request ban, the new member is then banished to a hidden forum only visible to banned members, known as the Criddler Court, where they are to plead their case for unbanning, if they wish to continue regular posting on The EMB.

News Coverage
*EXPN.com, the website for the extreme sports of ESPN, had a press release on January 8th, 2008 concerning the newest version of the Emerica website, in which it drew attention to The EMB as a community for discussion, news posting, and having your own "team page" on the Emerica website.

*Skateboard.org, a website that dishes out news of the online skateboard world, had one of its administrators post a short article about The EMB on February 1st, 2008.

*Timebombtrading.com, a website that deals in skateboarding news, on April 30th, 2008 announces that pro skateboarder Jerry Hsu will be available for live chat in The EMB's chatroom.
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