Ebillz is a billing platform software suite used by the telecommunications industry Resellers and Carriers for rating CDR based Call detail record traffic as well as bringing together the billing of recurring charge such as WLR Wholesale line rental, ADSL Broadband and mobile calls and data to offer a single unified invoice for Telephony Services. Established in 1995 and providing software to enable telecommunication companies to bill for Fixed Line Telephony, WLR, Mobile Billing, Connectivity, Phone System Maintenance Contracts as well as new emerging technologies such as SIP and VoIP.
Ebillz have 240 active clients using their billing platforms, and a team of 12 developers and support staff.
The developer of ebillz is Chess Telecom Limited a privately owned Software Company based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The majority of the telecommunications industry clients who use the ebillz billing platform software are based primarily in United Kingdom with a handful of clients outside the UK.
In 2008 Shaftesbury started work on integrating their billing system with new providers of WLR3 [http://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/aboutus/globalSearch.dostart0&hitsOnPage10&globalSearchActivetrue&sortTyperelevance&query=shaftesbury+systems&searchSection=products] Wholesale line rental and now have partial integration between ebillz and TPI providers of access with BT Openreach. In 2008 Shaftesbury were awarded with the BSI British Standards Institution Kitemark status for the Total Metering and Billing System (TMBS) award. This was in recognition of the detailed quality audit done of the bureau billing process option available through ebillz.
In October 2010 Shaftesbury Systems was acquired by Chess Telecoms Limited and now forms part of the Chess Partner Services.
In 2016 Shaftesbury launched an Enterprise version of ebillz which comes with substantially improved scalability and resilience for the Carrier and Super-Reseller market.
Some examples of companies using the ebillz system in the United Kingdom are Pennine Telecom and Direct Save Telecom.
Key Features
* Bills delivered via e-mail
* Effective customer care tools (Built in CRM/Fault Tracking/Note system)
* CDR Import Wizard enables imports of almost any form of CDR from any Carrier
* CDR Load Processing of up to 9,000,000 per hour.
* Import and export of Tariff Tables to spreadsheets for easy maintenance
* Bespoke Tariffs (Ability to give bespoke rates to customers on individual destination level)
* Fraud Protection (Alert system which can auto-send e-mails and SMS Alerts to clients)
* Integration with your Accounting Function (Sage Integration with Sage Line50 and above)
* Comprehensive Management Reporting (Built in Crystal Reports Engine as well as SQL Query based 'Power Reports')
* Call Statistics Analysis sub-system - drill down into any call stats study your call minutes by Customer, Prefix, CLI, Charge Type, or Time of Day
* Enhanced CRM - Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for instant access to customer info (address, connection info, creation of invoices)
* Credit Control features recording all invoices generated, payments received, aged-debt reports and reminder letter.
* Power Reports - report on any data help within ebillz.
* Direct Debit and Accounts feeds.
* Email and snail-mail merge facilities.
ebillz is capable of rating CDR's at the speed of over 9 million CDR's Per Hour and is a Microsoft SQL database driven engine sitting within a Client/Server setup (with client machines running within a Microsoft Windows environment). ebillz allows integration with third-party external software systems by extracting data from within the platform via an API . Typical applications would include email marketing tools, sales analysis tools, and finance tools (sending out e-mail copies of invoices, creating e-shots and mailshots, and to extract data to work with external Customer relations management systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.
Some examples of companies using the ebillz system in the United Kingdom are NCS Group , Wireless Telecommunications Limited Pennine Telecom and Azzurri
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