Doing Good and Doing Well

The Doing Good and Doing Well Conference (DGDW) is a yearly conference run by IESE Business School students. Founded in 2004, the two-day event with interactive panel discussions on key topics related to responsible business and organisations that attract both professionals and students from around the globe.
Aims of the conference
* Create general awareness about the potential for socially responsible businesses and organisations
* Challenge student ideas on responsible business
* Share experiences and insights of socially responsible endeavours
* Encourage students to consider career options in responsible business in the short and longer term
* Foster relationships between industry professionals and MBA students from around the world
Conference History
1st Conference - 2004
The conference was founded in 2004 by students Heather Blahnik and Emma Coles to show MBA students that business can be a power for positive impact in the world. The keynote speaker was Mark Albion, one of the founding members of Net Impact.
2nd Conference - 2005
The 2005 year’s conference had the theme "Bottom of the Pyramid Businesses." The keynote speaker was Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Founder and Managing Director of Grameen Bank. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to help eradicate poverty through microfinance.
3rd Conference - 2006
The conference was opened by Mark Goyder, Director of Tomorrow’s Company who gave his keynote speech on "The Modern Company and Social Responsibility". The conference was organized around five broad themes: Bottom of the Pyramid, Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, The Role of Business in Development, and the Environment. More than fifty speakers from around the world came to share their ideas on these issues in the two-day conference. Interactive panel discussions were held on topics ranging from fuel cell development to running your business for high social impact.
4th Conference - 2007
The fourth conference was held in 2007.
5th Conference - 2008
The 2008 conference attempted to explore how businesses are increasingly linking the opportunities to make profits closer to the global quest for a more sustainable and equitable society. The conference had a record participation with over 400 participants and over 40 speakers. The conference was opened by keynote speaker Daniel Garcia Guelbenzu, GE Regional VP Western Europe, highlighting the role of established corporations in the area.
6th Conference - 2009
The 2009 conference had a special focus on how the current economic downturn is impacting social and environmental efforts driven by business. Speakers shed light on both the effects and the prognosis for responsible business in their sectors including finance, healthcare and energy. They also shared their advice on how to continue to make progress and perhaps even create new business models and approaches better suited to sustainable development in all market conditions. The Keynote speakers were Mark Albion, journalist Matthew Bishop, Stewart Paperin (Former Executive vice president, Open Society Institute), Anil Soni (CEO, Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative) and Francesco Vanni d’Archirafi (Global Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi Global Transaction Services).
7th Conference - 2010
The 2010 DGDW Conference explored how socially responsible organizations and companies can go from "Niche to Mass Market." More than 100 speakers shared their perspectives on how businesses can scale their organizations successfully and the challenges they face in growing their operations. The Keynote speakers were Zein Abdalla (CEO, PepsiCo Europe), Michel Camdessus, Vicky Colbert (Founder and Executive Director, Escuela Nueva) and Rodney Schwartz (Founder, ClearlySo).
8th Conference - 2011
The 2011 DGDW Conference had the theme "The New Bottom Line". This year, there were 36 panel discussions featuring more than 130 speakers in fields ranging from Venture Philanthropy, Technological Innovation, Social Challenges and more. The Keynote speakers were Pamela Hartigan, Lord Michael Hastings (Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity, KPMG), Felix Oldenburg (European Leader, German Director, Ashoka), Maurice van Sabben (President, National Geographic Television International & President, National Geographic Ventures International) and Juliet Schor.
9th Conference - 2012
The 2012 DGDW Conference brought together over 100 professionals to discuss the most critical issues around "Achieving Sustainability in Business and Society". The Panel Discussions were organized around Innovation, Growth, Collaboration and Impact. The Keynote speakers were Gavin Neath (Senior Vice President Sustainability, Unilever), Jeffrey Spector (Chief of Staff, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Mark Drewell (CEO, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative) and Jacques Pieraerts (President & CEO, Toyota Spain).
10th Conference - 2013
The 2013 DGDW Conference focused on the future of clean energy. The IESE Cleantech Venture Forum was the highlight of this conference. The forum brought world-class entrepreneurs and investors together for a focused day of pitches showcasing the latest technologies and business models in clean tech.
11th Conference - 2014
The Keynote speakers of 2014 DGDW Conference were Thomas Schick, Danish writer Bjørn Lomborg, Raimund Steer, Ana Saenz de Mirea and John Bird. This conference took place in Barcelona, Spain.
12th Conference - 2015
The 2015 DGDW Conference featured Keynote speakers Alfred Escala (IBM), Diego Martinez (BMW), Olivier Kayser (Hystra), Jill Dumain (Patagonia) and Todd W. Onderdonk (ExxonMobil).
13th Conference - 2016
Conference Format
The conference consists of 2 days of panel based discussion with major speaker addresses throughout the two days.
Other specific conference events
Career Forum
The conference includes a career forum where companies and organizations can meet with participants interested in career opportunities. The companies will have access to students from top MBA schools across Europe.
CleanTech Venture Seminar
The DGDW conference's first Cleantech Venture Seminar was held in 2008. The aim was to facilitate the investment process of worthwhile start-up companies which have developed disruptive solutions to improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources in the field of energy, water, transport, air & the environment. The 2008 event proved to be a major success with 16 venture capital funds and 8 pitching companies in attendance.
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