Dentacoin is an ethereum-based custom token with the official abbreviation DCN, founded in 2017. Dentacoin is planned as a custom token to serve the global dental industry. 
The Dentacoin Foundation was created in March 2017 by its founder Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev (Bulgarian professional for management and automated systems for information processing ) in the Netherlands. Its co-founders are Jeremias Grenzebach, who is also the core developer and Philipp Grenzebach. 
The Dentacoin token is an , created to serve the mission of the Foundation. Dentacoin is pre-mined in 8 trillion coins, distributed in different token pools, locked for different time periods. The specific distribution mechanism allows a fixed amount of Dentacoins to be released each year (until the year 2042).  
Dentacoin is the first ethereum-based token used for the dental industry. Future plans seem to include utilizing blockchain advantages for the improvement of dental care worldwide (aftercare dental app, healthcare database, dental insurance, trusted dental review platforms, and more).  
Dentacoin can either be bought or earned. The first pre-sale period started on the 1st of July 2017, the first official ICO will be in October 2017. Earnings will be possible through a Dentacoin partner clinic, as part of their patient loyalty programs or through using the tools. Dentacoins can be spent in partner clinics, as means of payment, to reduce dental treatment invoice. 
Established partners by now: SWISS Dentaprime, F3T London
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