Dart golf

Dart golf is a game in which players take turns throwing darts at a regular dart board in a similar fashion to golf. Each player throws three darts per hole and keeps track of their score. Play continues until all players have played 18-holes in sequential order. A player's score on any given hole can range from -6 to +4.

The official game originated in Orlando, FL around 2000, and remains popular there (although variations of it have been played by darts enthusiasts for many years). In recent years the game has spread beyond the confines of the south.

This information was taken from official dart golf site.

It is said that Dart Golf was formed inside the mind of Dan O’Callaghan. A dangerous place, Dan’s mind, and one filled with such corruption that it would seem an impossible place to give birth to something so pure. But so it was back in the Year of Our Lord 2000 that O’Callaghan passed along his vision to Scott Lee, a man whose hair at the time had little beginning in the front and no end in the back. Lee was a part of a threesome who partook regularly in libations. This group, dubbed “My Three Drunks” by Scott Van Pelt, routinely roamed the greater Orlando area in search of good alcohol, better conversation and a record titty game.

Bogeys, birdies and eagles are cumulative. If your dart hits one of the two large areas in a wedge, it is considered a par, the smaller area between the two large areas is a birdie, and the area the separates the outer edge of the dart board and the outermost large area is an eagle. Any miss inside the circle is considered a bogey while a miss outside the circle is a double-bogey.

Here are the possible scoring combinations and their names:

* Threagle (3 eagles): -6
* B'deagle (1 birdie, 2 eagles): -5
* Deagle (2 eagles): -4
* Dirdeagle (2 birdies, eagle): -4
* Beagle (1 birdie, 1 eagle): -3
* Tirdie (3 birdies): -3
* Eagle: -2
* Dirdie (2 birdies): -2
* Birdie: -1
* Par: 0
* Bogey (3 darts miss target hole, all in bounds): +1
* Double-bogey (3 darts miss target hole, 1 out of bounds): +2
* Triple-bogey (3 darts miss target hole, 2 out of bounds): +3
* Quadruple-bogey (3 darts miss target hole, all 3 out of bounds): +4
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