D. Gift

Darryl "D. Gift" Ghent (born December 16 1983 in Jamaica, Queens) is an American rapper. He began studying hip-hop at the age of 12 and started using his knowledge at 14, writing rhymes and rapping in cyphers and battles. He tried to set himself apart from other rappers and was willing to take risks with his music. D. Gift got a job at the record label The Inc. While using the label's recording studio, many were impressed with his talent, especially Ja Rule, who took him on tour overseas. On his birthday, Ja Rule brought him on stage to perform alongside him. D. Gift has written for various underground artists and toured around the world with Ja Rule. When asked if there was anything he couldn't do, D. Gift replied, "My limits are endless. My destiny is certain. My life is chosen."
D. Gift's debut album, Amerikaz Middle Child, will hit stores on December 16, 2007.
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