Corrado Malanga

Corrado Malanga (born 4 February 1951 in La Spezia) is an Italian chemist and ufologist.
He is one of the earliest European researchers in alien abduction phenomena.
He teaches organic chemistry at the University of Pisa.
Academic career
Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in 1969 and graduated in chemistry in 1977 at the University of Pisa with an experimental thesis on chemism of indolic core. He worked for the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry for one year after finishing his mandatory military service. In 1981 he moved to Paris at the University P. and M. Couriè, devoting himself to the synthesis of polymers on use of optically active propylene for about two years. In 1983 he won a competition as researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa. Since 1983 he has focused his attention on heterocyclic of chemistry, new organic complexes of nickel in organic synthesis and new synthetic pathways to prepare natural compounds. He has published about fifty works on international scientific journals. In these years he held several positions teaching courses of organic chemistry I and II for the degree course in chemistry, organic chemistry, degree course in biological sciences, organometallic chemistry and organic chemistry lab II: degree courses in chemistry and industrial chemistry. He has held lectures in the Organic chemistry International School A. Corbella organised by the Universities of Milan and Bologna. He was a speaker and co-speaker of countless thesis in chemistry and industrial chemistry.
Ufologic researches
Corrado Malanga has interested in UFO-related research for more than 40 years. Since 1992 he has conducted study on more than 400 cases of people involved in alien abduction phenomena and among the techniques he uses there are graphology, hypnosis and NLP. He was housed in several television programmes by the main Italian networks to treat alien-related discussions. To understand the physics behind the alien abductions he, together with Alfredo Magenta (ECE), propounded the Super Spin Hypothesis describing the quantised nature of time. He investigates the alien abduction problem in Italy with the Stargate Group Tuscany.
The Malanga Classification
In "Alien Cicatrix" Corrado Malanga proposes a new interpretation of the phenomenon based on a classification of the alien interferences in five levels.
-Level One: surgical operations on the abducted person.
-Level Two: alien memories implanted into the brain of the abducted person.
-Level Three: cloning of the abducted person.
-Level Four: attempt to move the light-dots matrix of the abducted person and constrain it into an alien body.
-Level Five: different kinds of an incorporeal alien made up by light -called "LUX"- or coming from an another dimension -called "GRINCH" or "SIX FINGERS"- are the ones who control all the other aliens.
The SIMBAD (Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively)
In the book "Alieni o Demoni" Corrado Malanga introduces the SIMBAD, a methodology aimed to block abductions definitively.
The SIMBAD allows abductee's Mind to devise a sort of virtual reality where the three separated entities living naturally and peacefully within abductee's body (Mind, Spirit and Soul) meet in a round table, start a dialogue among them and eliminate the abduction problem through acts of will performed by abductee's Soul. These acts of will vary from destroying the implants and the alien memories inserted into the brain of the abductee to fire whichever alien entities trying to approach the abducted person.
Using hypnosis on Mind, Spirit and Soul the abducted person increases the consciousness of the problem and restores the harmonic relation within that triad. Mind, Spirit and Soul are hypnotized separatedly, conversating directly with each of them. Often the alien memories are also hypnotized, a procedure which has permitted to obtain a huge quantity of fresh data on the alien races and on their purposes.
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