Conra is a text and browser-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developed by Xaferrow which was launched on December 2008 and is accessible via the Internet for free. The game is set in a world, Conra, which is parallel to our Earth. When World War 3 was declared nearly everyone on Earth became extinct. Very few survived. Those that did noticed the Planet Conra, being unique in that it was exactly like Earth. Having exactly the right amounts of Oxygen, Nitrogen and various gasses needed to sustain life. Those survivors now live on Conra. They refer to themselves as "Cornus". They now populate this world. Conra contains eight cities, that was long since abandoned. Now a mystery has begun, will the Conrus uncover it? The spine-chilling story as to why and what happened on Conra? Conra is operated out of the pocket of the Developer, Xaferrow, and is solely maintained by him. Donations help improve the game.
In the game, players explore a futuristic fantasy world that contains eight abandoned cities. As in most role-playing games, players can fight monsters, fight other players, or commit crimes for experience points and money. One of the major forms of interaction is Player vs. Player Combat, PVP, where the dynamic conflict between players play a dominant role in Conra. The other play mechanics include the Stock Market, which allows the players to invest in shares.
The background of Conra planet is set in The Canis Major Dwarf galaxy. The world of Conra consists of eight abandoned cities, known as, "Midworld", "Roma", "Bris", "Kalle", "Narcissa", "Hambry", "Gilead", and "Endworld". Players begin their adventure in Midworld city. When they have grown in level, they can travel to another city with public transport, or their own hovercraft. Many adventures await and mysteries need to be unravelled.
A player is able to attack other players and NPCs for money and to gain experience. Attacks are launched via player's profile page. Attacks are calculated automatically, but it depends on each player's statistics and equipped items. It is a complex calculation with multiple rounds of strikes occurring until one of the opponents is reduced to zero HP (Hit Points).
There are three currencies within the game. The primary currency is called Conra Money, referred to in game with the "$" sign. The secondary currency is called Points, and the last is CGold. Conra Money, "$", is used to buy and sell items, weapons, and other general usage Points are more scarce and used for a specific usage (e.g to recharge energy). Points are obtained by voting for the game and submitting books for the library. However, Points also can be traded for Conra Money. Lastly, CGold is the rare currency in Conra. CGold cannot be sold, or bought. This CGold can be redeemed for special items in Conra Shop.
Conra relies heavily on its community and provides a chat to aid player interactions while playing the game. Integrated Messaging Systems and Forums are also included within the game.
The game is designed to be customised, relying on players to control the game content. Every player is given their own profile page which they are free to change as they like. They can set up their own avatar image, write their favorite quote, or leave comments for other players to see.
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