Collegiates is an upcoming 2009 comedy film starring Tyler Bryant and Stacey Bryant.The film has been rated R for Language,Blood,and Violence

Former Marshall University football star Jeff Meyers is going bankrupt.On top of that he lost his job.He decides to create a team of football players including his nephew RJ Malcoms(Tyler Bryant),Katie N.(Stacey Bryant) a tomboy,
Turtle(Rachel Bryant),a girl who thinks she's a turtle,Maddison,a cheerleader,and Tylin(Jenna Bryant), a boy that looks a lot like a girl.The team deciedes to call themself the Collegiates.They enter a Championship and the game is on!

The film begins when Jeff's boss comes into his cubicle and tells him he's fired.Surprised he walks out of the building.Meanwhile RJ is being bullied at school.They dunk his head in a toilet and flush.At home RJ cleans up and goes downstairs and sees that his uncle,Jeff is visting.They talk and then Jeff asks,"Wanna be on a football team?"

RJ and Jeff go to a feild to practice but find out it's occupied by a team called the Bears.The coach argues with Jeff and the argument soon turns into a fight.

At school the next day RJ walks past a girl playing football with some boys.He talks to her and she joins the team.

Tyler Bryant as RJ Malcoms

Stacey Bryant as Katie N.

Rachel Bryant as Turtle

Jenna Bryant as Tylin

Destiny Akers as Maddison

A release date has been set for September 14,2009

How it Began
Collegiate was an idea by actor Tyler Bryant.

The name Collegiates came off a football that actors Tyler and Stacey Bryant were playing with.

Most actors in the film are first time actors.

An interest of a sequel had every actor excited.So there will be a sequel.Two more sequels have been confirmed.They will be called:

Collegiates 2:Back on the Feild
Collegiates 3:All-Star Season
Collegiates 4:The Team Is Back
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