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Chelsea Kate Isaacs (born December 14th, 1987) is an American actress, model, and poet. At the age of 8, she was discovered by a well-known director amusing a crowd of pedestrians close to her residence in New York City. Since then, she has appeared on various Nickelodeon commercials, shows, and independent films. In 1998, Isaacs was the most desirable hand model in the United States and Canada. Isaacs has been described by the Cantolino Press as having an "electric presence that is both entertaining and very believable" with "an extremely evolved sense of the human psyche." She has won 18 poetry contests throughout the world, and has been referred to as a "Renaissance Woman." After 2002, Isaacs took leave from the entertainment industry to focus on her studies. In 2006, she was allegedly spotted in several critically-acclaimed underground art projects where she went by an alias. Some of these art projects include the short, avant garde films "Help Wanted" and "Process Normal." Since then, a number of internet blogs and websites have formed whos members post listings of Isaacs' mysterious underground music projects in which she prefers to be involved with anonymously. Isaacs was recently featured in a 2007 issue of the star-studded Miami-based magazine Ocean Drive. Chelsea Kate Isaacs is now studying at a southern university, pursuing a career in either journalism or law.

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1. 14-03-2009 04:56
Hello Chelsea, 
Wow! I didn't you are so famous!  
We would like to request for your 18 poetry 
pieces, so we can read them during our 
get togethers. 
My friend Mary Ann Bolanos who works via 
the net would like to tag you via facebook. 
We would like to know where we can get your 
two films "Help Wanted" and "Process Normal". 
By the way, hope you can talk to Misha so 
you can guide her during her period of  
adjustment. You an elder sister. 
Love you very much, 
Auntie Elvie
2. 18-09-2010 06:05
You sound like a self-inflated twat. Whoever dubbed you a "Renaissance Woman" must have been very pleased with their hand job.
3. 18-09-2010 06:09
Your recent stunt with Apple shows what an unprofessional, delusional child you are. Throughout the entire exchange you presented yourself as an entitled princess. The world does not owe you anything. Learn the tenants of true journalism and reporting, rather than just throwing a tantrum when companies do not do your work for you. If you can not get an A on a paper with your own writing (and it is clear from what has been demonstrated it really is quite insufficient and remedial) then surely you do not deserve it and no quotes from a company will improve your outcome. It really is great you posted this exchange online so future employers can see what an unprofessional drama queen you are and avoid the mistake of hiring you.
4. 18-09-2010 23:32
What a wonderful little snow flake you are. Derp!
5. 19-09-2010 17:51 
SHE WROTE HER OWN WIKI ENTRY about how amazing she is. Haha 
Arrogance personified.
6. 19-09-2010 22:40
Nothing like seeing you get brought down to Earth by Steve Jobs.
7. 20-09-2010 06:10
8. 20-09-2010 08:18
Hilarious. Comedy gold.
9. 20-09-2010 08:58
Hi Chelsea, 
What questions can only be answered by Apple's media relations department? 
10. 20-09-2010 09:00
hi i have a uni assignment, can you answer a question for me?
11. 20-09-2010 09:02
QUICK!! it's due tommorrow!!! 
PS: lol the code for this message was 666 14 :P
12. 20-09-2010 10:22
you are such a fake
13. 14-10-2010 19:00
Hi Chelsea, 
I just read about your email squabble with Steve Jobs. I think he is a bit of a @#%$ and his attitude is one of several reasons I would never buy an Apple product. Good luck with your studies. You seem to be a very capable person. :) 
14. 20-09-2010 11:53
I just noticed all the other comments about the Chelsea vs Steve Jobs email affair. Perhaps Chelsea is a drama queen but that does not excuse Jobs rude and arrogant behavior towards her. His response is typical of how he has treated people, including Apple customers, over the past few years. This should also serve as a lesson to anyone who thinks they can get any satisfaction by contacting the head of Apple when they have a problem with the company or its staff.
15. 20-09-2010 12:50
You're like the lady gaga of keeping it real.
16. 20-09-2010 13:30
It's not Jobs' responsibility to answer inquires that can easily be found in any iPad manual, or the Apple Support website for that matter. He may be arrogant, but there is only room for one ego in his emails - and that belongs to him, because he is responsible for Apple's continued success. The difference is, this individual's ego is overly inflated, while Jobs' actually has high success. She's probably not even an Apple customer, just another drama queen who thinks the world owes her something - this is showcased by the "Sent from Blackberry/T-Mobile". Insult the Steve's intelligence, and yes, you will to receive a rude reply. 
Anyone who supports this individual is simply sucking up.
17. 20-09-2010 14:32
Pffffft. You wrote that yourself, right? Lol.
18. 20-09-2010 14:36
I've just bookmarked this. I can't wait 'til this really takes off! 
@ Reality (4) - Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Brilliant.
19. 20-09-2010 22:54
She is only "famous" because her email exchange with Jobs from Apple. And it's not a way I would want to be famous if I wanted a career in the media industry. Bong Bong!
20. 21-09-2010 05:00
you are now famous indeed. But it's such a waste of my time, looking at what you complain about about apple. thumbs down
Job's fan
21. 21-09-2010 13:09
We here at Yapple computers in California can't stand yammering yentas. My public relations people are all too busy watching the company stock price to actually do any work. Those who aren't watching the the stock price, eyes fixed to monitor, are out buying BMW's, Botox, boob jobs, or contimplating giving money to poor mexican villages in the hopes that only the good ones come to California to work for less than minimum wage cutting lawns and cleaning thier homes. 
So please Chelsea (or Yammering Yenta), leave us alone.... 
22. 21-09-2010 13:44
"Waaaah, the world won't immediately drop everything and help with my article."
23. 22-09-2010 01:44
Hey, I heard you're a hand job meodel, give me a call, I want a hj.
24. 28-09-2010 01:54
Do your own research - and quit being so whiny.
25. 28-09-2010 01:59
Hey Hand Job about when your done crying to Steve about your homework, you come over to my place and earn some money - since that journalism thing doesn't seem to be working out for you.
26. 28-09-2010 20:23
Looks like you're doing just fine without blowing up my inbox.  
Sent from my iPad.
27. 30-12-2010 21:13
"Since then, a number of internet blogs and websites have formed whos members post listings of Isaacs' mysterious underground music projects in which she prefers to be involved with anonymously." 
That's amazing bad grammar for someone who pretends to be in journalism school. At least when you forged responses from Steve Jobs they were more coherent. Perhaps if you had the slightest clue about the world, you'd be aware that corporate CEO's don't respond to emails from insignificant people like yourself. The only people dumber than you are the people who would believe that (a) someone as stupid as you somehow obtained Steve Jobs' personal contact information and (b) that he bothered to respond.  
(Dex, that means you are a dumbass. Thought I'd better spell it out.) 
Anyway, given your extraordinarily lack of potential value to the universe as a whole, may I suggest you consider revising your career ambitions from "professional journalist or attorney" to something more suitable to your skills and abilities. Perhaps "landfill."
28. 16-09-2012 01:36
Pin my tail and call me a dnoeky, that really helped.

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