Chase Fonteno

'Chase’ Douglas Fonteno, a Serial Entrepreneur and founder of over 30 companies. Chase was raised in Houston, TX, by his mother and stepfather. His stepfather, Jim Fonteno (7/2/1926 - 6/30/2008) was a well known politician in Houston, Tx

As a young boy in a hurry, Fonteno bought his first rental/investment property when he was just 17 and was written up in the Houston Post as a self-made millionaire teenager when he was 19, primarily investing in low-income property and thereafter branching into Fonteno Oil Company. Only to lose almost everything in the mid-80's due to the sever downturn in oil and gas prices and real estate values. In the early 90's Fonteno moved to Dallas, TX to work for Merrill Lynch and and later building his own securities firm, Paulson Advisors. Later selling the company and getting back into real estate investments, building Camden Investments and later merging that into Remington-Hall Capital, which he took public on the stock market. After a bout with both the state securities board and the SEC over proper disclosure of information and a probation, Fonteno proceeded to build his first internet company, Within weeks of that company going public on the stock market, Fonteno was advised he had violated his probation by a travel restriction violation, which required him to turn himself in for a 60 days in jail. The person he hired to take charge of the company while he was doing his 'stint', attempted to steal it and in the end destroyed the company before Fonteno could get out to turn it around.

Fonteno, once out began focusing on a one man company he started in 1999, expanding Hilton Head Properties, Inc., a Real Estate Investment Company in Dallas, Tx in to a much larger operation. Through that entity, he formed numerous other companies, including: HiltonHead Pathways, Luxury Home Managers, Sterling World Partners,, , and others.


[ 9/2005 Fonteno and HHP assist Hurricane Victims]


San Jacinto College,, Houston, TX
University of Houston, Houston, TX
University of Texas, Austin, TX


Hilton Head Caritable Land Trust
The Phoenix Foundation
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