Canalys is an independent technology focused analyst house. It offers its clients market intelligence, analysis and strategic consultancy about trends and activity in a range of high-tech markets, and with route-to-market strategies. Its research is regularly cited by the business and technology press.
Corporate facts
*Founded: 1998 by Steve Brazier, with Alessandra Fitzpatrick and Chris Jones
*Locations: Reading (United Kingdom); Singapore; Palo Alto, CA (United States); Shanghai (China)
* Matthew Ball, Director, Enterprise
* Edwin Binder, Principal Consultant, Member of the Board
* Steve Brazier, President and CEO
* Rachel Brindley, Consulting Manager
* Alan Cardy, VP, Business Development
* Rita Chaher, Events and Marketing Director
* Daryl Chiam, Principal Analyst
* Pete Cunningham, Principal Analyst
* Adam Daum, Chief Analyst
* Alastair Edwards, Principal Analyst
* Alessandra Fitzpatrick, Member of the Board, Co-founder
* Chris Jones, VP and Principal Analyst, Co-founder
* Rachel Lashford, Managing Director, Mobile and APAC
* Eamonn Ryan, Financial Controller
* Natalie Spitz, Senior Consultant
* Ian Spratt, Operations Manager
Canalys, formerly Canalys Corporation and, was founded in 1998 in Reading in the United Kingdom as an independent, high-tech industry analyst house. Canalys, from the Latin word meaning ‘channel’, emphasizes a core focus of the company’s research. The twin focus areas of convergence and routes to market are regarded by the company as central to all its research activities.
Since its start, the company's Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) operations are based in Reading, Berkshire in the UK. In September 2006, the company opened a second office in Singapore, expanding its presence and research capabilities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and in June 2008, it opened a third office in Palo Alto, California, to service the Americas region. In October 2011, it opened a fourth office in Shanghai, China and launched new service offerings linked to the Chinese mobility market.
Canalys also operates an online IT channel community portal, Candefero, through which it makes market intelligence available to members in exchange for points, earned by completing surveys and polls. Membership is restricted to companies operating in the IT (and related services) channel. Candefero was announced and launched in February 2008.
*Continuous analytical services
*Bespoke research consulting projects
*Reports, presentations, workshops and keynotes
*Candefero - an online IT channel community portal
Research Areas
*Data centers
*Enterprise networking
*Enterprise security
*IT channels
*Mobile app stores
*Mobile security
*Pads or tablets, netbooks and PCs
*Smart phones and mobile phones
*Unified communications
*Canalys Channels Forum: Monaco, 2007; Barcelona, 2009; Barcelona, 2010; Barcelona, 2011
*Canalys Mobility Forum: London, 2009
*Canalys Navigation Forum: Geneva, 2006; Barcelona, 2007; Bangalore, Taipei, Budapest, San Francisco, 2008
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