Call Of Duty Forum

Call Of Duty Forum
The Call Of Duty Forum is a forum website that provides news, reviews, tutorials, previews, guides, discussions, clans, and boosting on the Call Of Duty games. The site was launched in March 2009, and is powered by vBulletin. The Call Of Duty Forum is currently one of the top 100,000 highest-traffiked websites according to Alexa .
In addition to the content produced and published by the Call Of Duty Forum staff, the site also allows users to make their own blogs, upload files, have private discussions, create clans, and boosting teams.
Currently, although there is a discussion lounge, and a gaming news section, the are Call Of Duty exclusive only.
Call Of Duty Forum's main page gives access to most of the content on the website, but to be able to make posts, threads, and upload files, the user must Register first
The Call Of Duty Forum was an idea thought of by two university students, who took the idea to two large Internet webmaster's. The webmaster's helped the two students to develop the website, and decided to name it
The Call Of Duty Forum has a srict set of rules which must be followed by all of its members. Currently, there are over 20,000 members, and 4 . The Call Of Duty Forum moderators are volunteers picked specifically by the owner of the site. The Call Of Duty Forum expands its Community everyday through blogging of users and posts by its members.
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