Business Development Outlook Magazine

began bi-monthly production in 1993. It is a national publication featuring articles from professional journalists and contributors who are experts in their particular fields.

A staple of Business Development Outlook Magazine (Also known as BDO Magazine or simply, Outlook Magazine) is having a CEO on each cover, with a story on their business and career. If a CEO is not featured, prominent public figures or important national stories have been known to be on the cover.

Colin Powell, Gov. George W. Bush, Sir Richard Branson, David Neeleman, Bill Gates are a small sampling of past cover figures.

Each issue includes articles relating to a specific industry or topic, such as Automotive, Plastics, Aerospace and Defense, Distribution and Logiistics, Biotechnology, Hi-Tech, and Quality of Life are examples.

Business Development Outlook Magazine is also known for its "Executive Lifestyle" section that highlights or reviews certain restuarants, resorts, new alcoholic products, cutting-edge technology, or anything else that might be of interest to the business executive "after hours." These are non-advertorial spots.

Other topics covered include sports, financial, best sites to relocate a business, a dynamic or intriguing global location, but other section categories evolve each year.

Most of Business Development Outlook's advertisers are Economic Developers.
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