Shane E. Burkett

Shane E. Burkett is an American politician, business owner, television personallity, GLBT and Marriage Equality activist. Currently, Shane lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his partner of 5 years. In May of 2007, Shane E. Burkett ran against incumbent Councilman Jim Gotto in a mostly conservative district of Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County, making him the first openly gay man to run against an incumbent in the State of Tennessee. Shane was defeated. However he received 893 votes.

Political Endorsement Record
First openly gay person to receive the Tennessean's endorsements for a political office

First openly gay person to receive the SEIU's endorsement for a political office in the State of Tennessee

Received a vocal and written endorsement from Representative Ben West Jr.

First candidate to receive the endorsement of Tennessee Equality Project

Second openly gay candidate to receive the endorsement of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund

First openly gay candidate to receive the endorsement of Democracy for Tennessee

First openly gay candidate to receive the endorsement of Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund

Early Life

Shane E. Burkett was born August 5, 1974 in Charleston, SC to Roy and Patricia Sue Burkett. After his father's tour of duty with the US Navy, the family settled in Southport, FL, a suburb of Panama City, FL. Shane grew up Holiness Penticostal. Shane is a pianist and vocalist. By the time he was 16 years old he had recorded two albums, one Southern Gospel and one Country album.

College Life
Shane attended University of Georgia in Athens GA and holds a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis on Business Law.

Currently, Shane is the Vice President of Strategic Marketing for SBResults, LLC. A marketing firm based in Hermitage, TN.

Community Involvement
Shane is involved in many civic, community and business related organizations

Executive Vice President of the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce

Communications Director for the Old Hickory Area Chamber of Commerce


- Donelson Hermitage Neighborhood Association

- Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

- Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund

- Tennessee Equality Project

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