Burnt Oak Records

Burnt Oak Records is an independent music label in Guelph, Ontario that was founded in 2005, and has since achieved underground success on the basis of signees including Elbow Beach Surf Club, Brides, and Richard Laviolette.

Burnt Oak Records was started by Brad McInerney, Ryan Newell, and Chris Yang in 2005 out of a rented home in Guelph, later dubbed the "Grange House" (in reference to the street it was situated on). Preferring experimental approaches toward music over traditional ones, Burnt Oak quickly attracted the attention of several artists, including Tin, Richard Laviolette, Slow Hand Motëm, Tell the Divers, Tamsen & Elliott, and the NYC-based Griffin and the True Believers. In addition to serving as a means for these artists to record and release independent records, Burnt Oak also utilized the Grange House as an impromptu venue to hold shows promoting their label.

In 2006, Burnt Oak moved its operations to a different location in Guelph, and deepened its roster by adding newcomers Green Go, the Tamsen & Elliott No Wave spin-off Brides, and McInerney's own band, Elbow Beach Surf Club, with whom he plays bass. During this time and into 2007, Burnt Oak began to garner significant praise from both fans and critics alike, highlighted by features in several music journalism outlets, notably magazine, a night-long showcase at Pop Montreal, and a visit paid by Calvin Johnson, of K Records fame. Burnt Oak also expanded to encompass a multitude of projects, esp. a regular musical format, Kazoo, the publication of Andrea K. Bennett's first poetry book, This Pace Between Us, and a quarterly journal, Kazine, which was reviewed positively in Broken Pencil in October 2007. To date, Burnt Oak has sold over 3,300 records.

Artist roster
* Andrea K. Bennett - Andrea K. Bennett (MySpace)
* Brides (formerly Tamsen & Elliott) - Elliott Jones, Tamsen Fields, Michael Pytlik, Kevin Barnhorst, Kevin McVicar, John Merritt (MySpace)
* Chris Yang - Chris Yang (MySpace)
* Elbow Beach Surf Club - Lindsay Roe, Kevin Barnhorst, Kirsten Palm, Brad McInerney, Dave Bazinet (MySpace)
* Green Go - Ferenc Stenton, Jess Tollefsen, Mark Andrade, Kyle Squance, Adam Scott (MySpace)
* Griffin and the True Believers - Griffin Epstein, Andrew Epstein, Liv Carrow, Aaron Burns, Dibson Hoffweiler (MySpace)
* Households - Ryan Newell, Steve Beauchamp, Steve O'Brien (MySpace)
* Richard Laviolette - Richard Laviolette (MySpace)
* Slow Hand Motëm - Gregg Eberhand, Nick Lawson, Tim McDonald, Greg Santilly (MySpace)
* Tell the Divers - Steve McKnight, Brandon Strychowsky, Dave Crosbie, Steve Marck (MySpace)
* Tin - Karl Skene, Joel Fulford, Steve Beauchamp, Steve O'Brien, Dave Bazinet (MySpace)

*BO001 Chris Yang - Devil in the Clock
*BO002 Slow Hand Motëm - Explain the Swans to Swim
*BO003 Households - Households
*BO004 Burnt Oak Sampler - Dinner Plate
*BO005 Slow Hand Motëm - Tribe Motese
*BO006 Tell the Divers - A Knife Is Always a Good Plan B
*BO007 Tamsen & Elliott - Tamsen & Elliott EP
*BO008 Griffin and the True Believers - Squamp
*BO009 Slow Hand Motëm - Brosis
*BO010 Richard Laviolette - A Little Less Like a Rock, A Little More Like a Home
*BO011 Households - Bullrushes Will Grow
*BO012 Burnt Oak Sampler - You and Yours
*BO013 Elbow Beach Surf Club - Elbow Beach Surf Club EP
*BO014 Green Go - Green Go EP
*BO015 Chris Yang - May All Yr Children Be Dragons
*BO016 Brides - Queens EP
*BO017 Andrea K. Bennett - This Pace Between Us
*BO018 Griffin and the True Believers - Yeah We All Are
*BO019 Richard Laviolette & Chris Yang - Hands and Feats EP
*BO020 Elbow Beach Surf Club - Billy Club EP
*BO021 Tin - Activity
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