A Broheim bro-haIm) Is an increasingly popular blend greeting created by the US expatriate communities in Pan-Germanic Europe and the Nordic countries. The term literally translates to mean "Bro Home", however it has taken on the connotation of a term of endearment, and effectively means "Friend" or "My Brother" in local context. It is similar in vocative terms to "mate", "pal", "buddy", "dude", "man", and "che" in various other cutlures.

Linguistic Explaination and Origins

In Linguistics Broheim is what experts call a blend, code mixing, or language contact derivative, composed of colloquial West Coast American English slang and classic German. The term is often applied to friends or close associates whom share a common bond or background. The lingusitic blend originally created as a parody on Spanglish in and around Zurich, Switzerland, has become a viable word in the lexicon of urban Germanic culture and has been increasing in popularity in the subculture of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California.
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