BLAG Linux and GNU

BLAG Linux and GNU is a Linux distribution made by the Brixton Linux Action Group.

BLAG is a single-CD distro with applications desktop users "expect" from a desktop including multimedia, graphics, desktop internet applications and more. BLAG also includes a collection of server packages. BLAG is based on Fedora plus updates, adds apps from Dag, Dries, Freshrpms, NewRPMS, and includes custom packages.

The first public release of BLAG was 22 October 2002. The latest stable release, BLAG90001, is based on Fedora 9, and was released 21 July 2008.

BLAG is one of the few operating systems listed as free software GNU/Linux distributions at Project GNU's links page.
Richard Stallman mentioned BLAG Linux and GNU and Ututo when asked which distro he recommended during his speech at Universiti Sains Malaysia, in 2005, although he does not use any of these distributions.
During his Moscow visit in March 2008 Richard Stallman recommended BLAG, gNewSense and Ututo distributions as containing only free software.
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