Behnaz Mozakka

Behnaz Mozakka (also known as Behnaz Nazhand) was the Iranian biomedical officer at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mozakka was killed in the Underground suicide bombing at Russell Square in London on 7 July, 2005.

Nazy was born on 18/9/1957 in Shiraz, in the south of Iran. She was very young when her family moved to Tehran.

Nazy completed her primary and secondary education in Tehran. In 1975 she started her university education in Tehran, reading biochemistry. After obtaining a four year degree she started work in University College hospital in Tehran.

While still a university student she married on 17/5/1979 to Nader Mozakka who was a student in the same college. She gave birth to her daughter Saba in March 1981 and her son Saeed was born in August 1982

Nazy and her family moved to the UK in June 1985. After a short period adapting to the new society, learning the language and culture, she started her work in St Thomas' hospital in London as a Medical laboratory Scientific Office (MLSO). She then moved to Royal free hospital and worked there as biomedical scientist for three years.

Her love for charity work and the fact that she needed to care for her two children during school holidays were the reasons for her to giving up science and starting a term time only job with the Save the Children Fund. Her position in the Gypsy and Travellers unit meant working with young children. Organising play group, taking the mobile library to the travellers sites and taking young travellers girls on nights out to see film, theatre etc were part of her normally activities.

She spent eight years with the Save the Children Fund. After her unit lost major funding she had to leave the organisation and moved to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to work as biomedical scientist. She worked for GOSH for seven years.
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