Beat the Bully

Beat the Bully is a 2011 Scottish comedy-drama anti-bullying movie, written and co-produced by Kris Nimbley. The movie starred Kristopher Nimbley, Nicole Campbell, Sophie Gilmour, Rhys Carmichael, Gavin Johnstone and Archie Fowler.
Producers of the movie included former Channel 4 (UK) worker, Euan Lees, and East Ayrshire out-reach worker, Louisa McEvoy. The film's premiere took place in June 16, 2011 at Kilmarnock Academy and was attended to by local East Ayrshire councillors. The main aim of the project was to help improve bullying throughout East Ayrshire. In the aftermath of the project, a pack underwent work and was expected to be completed by late October/Early November 2011, in time for use for anti-bullying week, however the pact was finally completed in December 2011 and has been confirmed that the movie and the parent information pact will be released in January 2012. Beat the Bully is a direct-to-dvd format movie.
The film's main plot revolves around a school girl, Aimee, who is being bullied. The writer, co-director and also one of the lead actors, Kristopher Nimbley, based the film on his past bullying experiences he faced. In the film, Aimee's friend, Clint, confronts Mr. Butcher Vig (named after Garbage drummer and producer, Butch Vig, playing by Kristopher Nimbley) about Aimee being bullied, much to her disapproval. From there, Mr. Vig takes the situations into his hands. Mr. Vig's character is described as a "push around" and he often does not know what to do in his work place of a modern-day Scottish secondary school. His wife, Mrs Vig, is the school's head teacher, and often shoots his ideas down and bosses him around.
Mr. Vig approaches his wife, Mrs. Vig and confronts her about the bullying situation. He suggests that maybe a social worker should get involved, and describes bullying as a "very serious matter". Nimbley used American actors Adam Sandler, Jon Cryer and Steve Carrell as influences throughout the film whilst playing Mr. Vig. Finally, a social worker, Carole Flow get's involved, and has a chat with the bullies. From there, they are forced to apologize to Aimee and Clint, and are severely punished by teachers at school.
Release and reception
Nimbley has said in an East Ayrshire interview regarding the movie:
:This is my second movie, along with Scarlett + the Ned we made last year but this is the breakthrough. That one didn't really go anywhere, but I opened up in this one because bullying is something I experienced myself and a lot of other people have, usually young people. I know in Scotland bullying is a big issue and this is the good thing about this its going all across Scotland. The main plot is about how both the teachers and Aimee deals with the situation. I think myself, back then, i coped pretty well. But the teachers at my school didn't really do well to help me and I still feel to this day totally betrayed by them. That's my point in the movie, some teachers may not bother their backsides to help you, but some will. Please tell them
The movie's premier took place on June 16, 2011 at The Academy in Kilmarnock, Scotland. The event was attended by local councillors including Councilor Linton. It was also attended by then-Kilmarnock Academy headteacher, Carole Ford. Nimbley won two awards presented by East Ayrshire for Best Actor and Best Script Writer. Other awards were won by the remaining cast members including Best On Screen Couple, Best Actress and Best Director.
The Prince’s Trust xl club made the film Beat the Bully to help fellow pupils to recognise different kinds of bullying - and to help them to deal with it. The film is aimed at educating and informing other young people and will be shown in schools and youth clubs across East Ayrshire. Third year pupils at Kilmarnock Academy can opt to join the Prince’s Trust group and follow the course, which focuses on personal development, citizenship and enterprise, for two years.
Beat the Bully has the same cast which had been stared in Scarlett + the Ned, shot a year prior to the making of Beat the Bully, released by Mario Productions. Again, Scarlett + the Ned was a direct-to-DVD film, however it did not receive a premier.
Like the past movie that producer Kristopher Nimbley and cast members created in 2010, Scarlett + the Ned, Beat the Bully features music from un-signed local bands. However, in Beat the Bully, this marks a first as Kristopher Nimbley produced and composed three tracks for the movie's soundtrack.
Awards and nominations
On the main night of the premier, all cast members were presented with several awards, from several people including headteachers and/or local East Ayrshire Officials.
In November 2011, the cast of Beat the Bully, yet again will be rewarded with certifications at a Celebrating Success Ceremony, which took place on Friday November 25, 2011.
Main cast
* Kris Nimbley - Butcher Vig
* Sophie Gilmour - Aimee
* Gavin Johnston - Clint
* Archie Fowler - Bully #1
* Rhys Carmichael - Bully #2
* Pauline Donnely - Mrs Vig
* Louisa McEvoy - Classroom pupils
* Julie Kay - Classroom pupil
Previous cast
* Dione Rowlands - Mrs Vig (left the cast and was replaced by Pauline Donnelly)
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