Battalion Wars 2 HQ

Battalion Wars 2 HQ is an online community dedicated to Battalion Wars 2, a game for the Wii. It was founded on June 4, 2007.

Battalion Wars 2 HQ, sometimes called BWii HQ, is a good source for information on Battalion Wars 2, as well as a strong community. New information on Battalion Wars 2 is quickly posted to the site, and false information is promptly deleted. Battles and tournaments can be organized and strategy can be discussed. After the game has released, there will most likely be walkthroughs posted, as there is a sub-forum specifically for them.

Forum Wars
Forum Wars were originally started on the GameSpot/GameFAQs discussion boards. The basic idea behind it is that each player will use a template consisting of Battalion Wars 2 units and customize it to their liking. Later, missions will be posted by the MC (Mission Coordinator), and participants will detail their strategies in a Private Message. The strategy consists of what units were bought and what orders were given. The Mission Briefing consists of what units are available, the terrain, the objectives, and the available funds.

Galactic Wars
Galactic Wars is a futuristic take on Forum Wars. Different types of sectors provide different bonuses, along with different Weapons and Propulsion systems. The basic idea remains the same as Forum Wars.

Outfits are somewhat like clans. There are currently three active outfits:

Olympus Squadron
Universitas Auctoria
Phoenix (A Sub-outfit of Olympus Squadron)

Each outfit has a private lounge where they may share tactics, hints, and tips. Members of an outfit often are allied in Outfit Wars.

Outfit Wars
Outfit Wars, once Battalion Wars 2 is released, will play out much like a game of Risk. Players (or outfits) will choose which land they would like to start in and which nation (Usable nations are the Solar Empire, the Anglo Isles, the Western Frontier, the Tundran Empire, Xylvania, and the Iron Legion) they will use throughout the entire game. Battles are then fought over Nintendo WiFi Connection and the winner of a series takes over the contested territory. A round ends when one player (Or outfit) has control over the entire "board".

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