Bart Bast

Bart Bast (born June 4, 1967) is a Division 1 American motorcycle speedway rider from Foresthill, California. He is a former SRA National Champion.
Racing Achievements
*9 times Northern California Points Champion
*1985, Baylands Track Champion
*1986-1991-1994-1996, Fast Friday Speedway Track Champion
*1991, Napa Track Champion
*1994, 1996, Vallejo Track Champion
*1996, 1997, 2nd Cal State Championship
*1997, Dixon Tack Champion
*1998, 1st SRA National Championship
*1998, 2nd AMA National Championship
*1999, 3rd Coors National Championship
*1999, 4th American Final
*1999-2000, Cal-Expo Track Champion
*2007, 3rd AMA National Speedway Championship
*2008, 2nd AMA National Speedway Championship

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