Barry M. George

Barry M. George (born October 28, 1956) an innovated technology executive, billed by some as the "Father of Disciplined Distribution and Managed Market Development,"
Early Life
Barry grew up in San Francisco attending Saint Gabriel's Elementary School and St. Ignatius College Preparatory. The only son of first generation Italian Americans, Barry was influenced by the seemingly contradictory elements of Catholicism and the Hippie Movement. In reality Barry was impacted by the fluidity of Socio-Economic change. His family was part of the lower-middle class and struggled to make ends meet.
St. Ignatius proved to be a highly influential segment of Barry's life. All of his instructors had Masters degrees and many had or were pursuing a PhD. In addition this Jesuit environment instilled a responsibility to serve not just personal gain. Unknown to Barry, his parents could not afford the tuition at SI. It was only due to the generosity of Father Carlin that Barry was able to continue. Fr. Carlin made arrangements for 7 semesters of tuition to be provided in return for the endless fund raising work on the part of Barry's parents; Angelo and Dorothy. Barry was also blessed with sponsorship into the exclusive Olympic Club in 1972 at the age of 16. Two years later at 18, Barry became the youngest commissioner (physical fitness) in the history of the club.
As a late athletic bloomer, Barry worked hard to become the starting center on the SI Varsity football team his senior year. This one-year-wonder, achieved all league, all section and second team all Northern California status. This success led Barry to the University of California at Davis where he joined the Variety Football team as a Freshman in 1974. Injury and immaturity resulted in Barry returning to San Francisco after his Freshman year. Barry graduated from University of San Francisco in 1979, having worked nights parking cars on at night and attending classes by day. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in 1979 in Economics.
Personal Life
Life changes for the better, much better, in February 1982, when in February Barry met Evy Melgaard at a travel agency in Covina, California. Not only would Evy and Barry get married in October of that same year, but Evy brought Barry to his first non-demoninational Christian Churck, Calvary Chapel in Huntington Beach. Not only did Barry accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior that Sunday, but Barry's life changed that day. Now the obligation to give from his Catholic- Jesuit upbringing was replaced with a joyous desire to be a servant of all.
During the years since 1982, Barry, Evy and their children, Christin and Lauren have sought to preach the gospel and impact the lives of their neighborhood, street and city. In addition, Barry helps Christian Business Owners & Executives through .
Job Jumping
Like so many others within the technology industry, Barry has 9 different jobs in his 30 years of employment. It’s difficult to determine why there was so much job jumping in the technology field. Much has been written to suggest that it is simple greed. Actually, it seems that as public companies become more and more short sighted to meet the “fast money” demands of shareholders that mid and senior level management has become more transient.
There were times that Barry struggeled with blending his Christianity with the money first world of technology. He recieved guidence from Al Houghton of Word ad Work Ministries in Yorba Linda, California.
Sales Director at Toshiba
VP/General Manager at SMC Networks
VP/General Manager at Siemens Business Services
Executive VP at Impact Ventures
Executive Vice President at D-Link
Regional VP at CORE International
Regional Vice President at CompuCom
Owner of Computerland, Lafayette, California
Operations Manager at Computerland Corporation
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