Aroree is a fictional female elf character from the Elfquest comic book created by Wendy and Richard Pini. The original Elfquest comic book was published by Warp Graphics; it was later re-released by Marvel Comics and Father Tree Press.
Aroree is a beautiful elf of the Blue Mountain. Here Aroree is one of the Chosen Eight, who are the elite guard and hunters of the elves in this group. Though heavily influenced by the real power in the mountain, their leader Winnowill, she learns how to live outside of Blue Mountain with help from Skywise, a member of the Wolfriders. Winnowill fed off the powers and dreams of the Chosen Eight within the walls of Blue Mountain, which may partially explain Aroree's lack of knowledge of the outside world, or its expected conduct.
The Blue Mountain elves are another offshoot tribe of elves who retained their powers after they crashed on the World of Two Moons. Their story is told in detail in "Siege at Blue Mountain," a serial published in 1987-88. Like the other Gliders, Aroree is somewhat taller than elves of the Go-Back and Wolfrider tribes - close to the height of human women, though much thinner.
Aroree has the power of levitation and limited flight. Like most of the Elfquest elves, she has the ability to send, or communicate telepathically. Previously, she rode a large bird as her mount, named Littletrill. She lost Littletrill when the bird expired from exhaustion over the ocean when she transported Kahvi of the Go-Backs to Sorrow's End in Kings of the Broken Wheel.
She lives through strong inner conflicts, and this might be why she is referred to as "Sad Eyes."
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