Anett Wockenfuss

Anett Wockenfuss (born September 12, 1973 in Berlin, Germany) is a German fashion model. As a child she lived in East Germany, on which she is quoted as saying "fashion concepts, industry and glamour were very foreign". As a young adult she entered university to pursue a degree in law, during which time friends suggested she look into modeling as an income alternative to her then job of delivering newspapers at night. After initial positive feedback in Berlin, she moved to Milan where she was signed with an agency and began modelling in fashion shows. In 2004, she attended the Melbourne Cup and was voted the "best dressed lady".

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1. 03-04-2009 18:35
:zzz Very beautiful model - met her in New York at a television screening of Arnold's documentary Pumping Iron
2. 04-07-2011 18:57
Now thatÂ’s slubte! Great to hear from you.

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