Monique Rychtr

Monique Rychtr (born September 16, 1982; surname pronounced as Richer) is an American fashion stylist, costume designer, socialite and entrepreneur notable for her high-profile clientele as well as her high-profile friendships which include Nicole Richie,
Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson , and Lauren Conrad. Rychtr has worked with celebrities such as Richie, Bilson, Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon and many more. She has also work as a fashion contributor/stylist for such publications as Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair. Rychtr's godfather is Stevie Wonder. She is currently expecting her first child early 2008.

Multiracial California beauty Monique Rychtr grew up with an almost perfect childhood in Beverly Hills, California. Monique, the first child, was born to Trina and prominent businessman John Rychtr. From the beginning Monique was raised in a warm, loving, family oriented home life with her younger sister Jasmine and two younger brothers Erick and John Jr.

At age 3 Monique began preschool at the Buckley School with fellow classmates such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Many years later, when Monique entered into her teenage years, at the peak of her fathers career, Monique became somewhat rebellious. Though, she continued to excel in her academics while attending Brentwood School. She eventually went on to study fashion at American Intercontinental University.

While attending American Intercontinental University the sweet natured and curious minded Monique began her career as the come to stylist for all of her friends. It around this time when Monique hit a devastating point and vowed to turn her life around. Monique, a quick study and leamed perfectionist immediately went upward from that point on, channeling her business savvy and passion for fashion. Some of her many clients have included Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon, ect.

It wasnt until Monique graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2003 when she became an immediate sought after wardrobe stylist for informercials, television shows, music videos, and high fashion photo layouts and runways shows. Along with styling she also entered into the production of movies by becoming somewhat of a costume designer and much sought after fashion coordinator. Things are only moving up for Monique.
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