Amir Higher

Amir Higher, born to the name Amir Gabay, on September 4, 1985, in Jerusalem, is a singer, songwriter, music producer and a dancer .
Amir is best known for his single 'I Am Ready' which gained air plays in 16 countries: USA, U.K, Australia, France, India, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, China,  Denmark,  Slovenia,  Norway, Costa Rica, Greece and Cyprus. 
Amir recorded the song with a co-producer EVS. 
The music video of 'I Am Ready' was featured in local and regional TV station across the USA, including JBTV, NBC's music TV show. 
Amir worked on his video for 3 months, filmed most of it and produced the effects of the video on his own. 
In his video he describes how he couldn't hold his music, which he describes like magic, within him anymore, and that he literally had to spread it to the world. 
Personal Life 
Amir took his first piano lessons by the age of 5, and by the age of 10 he composed his first song. 
As a kid he danced in dance group for 5 years, which was back than the representative dance group of Jerusalem. Amir performed with this group across the world.
By the time he was a student, Amir sang as lead tenor in classic opera concerts in Israel. 
Amir's early success include having 2 original songs in a short Hollywood film named 'Choices', that won the best short film in 'Cannes festival'.
Academic Background 
Amir has 3 academic degrees, B.A in physics, B.Sc in material science and engineering and M.Sc in material science and engineering all of them in the Technion, Israel institute of technology. <ref name=":0" />
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