Alpha Sleuth

The Alpha Sleuth® puzzle was invented by Dan Meinking of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) in May 2007. The puzzle has 3 components: a letter-set, a grid and a phrase:


The goal is to move each letter in the letter-set (A-Z) into the grid and phrase, forming valid words. The grid has (26) blank and numbered cells to be populated, as well as permanent letters which serve as clues. The phrase contains numbered cells only, while the grid has one of each number. Like-numbered cells share the same letter. Numbers are assigned in alphabetic sequence, so 1 represents the lowest letter, 2 the 2nd-lowest, etc. Words in the grid are related to the phrase (the puzzle's "theme").

Solution image below:



Downtowner (Oct 2007): "The Alpha Sleuth: Can a Tri-Sta_e puzzleman take on Cin_inn_ti and b_yond?"

Ohio Chess Connection (Mar/Apr 2008): "Dan Meinking: Alpha Sleuth®"

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