Abraham Omer Bar

Abraham Omer Bar - (born 25 September 1978) is an Israeli author.
Abraham Omer Bar was born in Petah Tikva israel and became interested in science and kabbalah at age 15.
Until the age of 23 he has already written two books that he had chosen not to publish and started to work on the problems of mathematical physics and philosophical about the secrets of the universe. The search for the theory of everything. At the same time he studied Chemistry at Bar Ilan University
By 9. B-eyar - 04.29.2004 his sister Shuam bar passed away. it affected him deeply and he chose to dedicate to her his first book, a special dedication really made and said it is good to say Tehillim for her, there's a lot salvation.
In 2012 was a revolutionary breakthrough in our perception of the universe is also physically and in terms of Kabbalah and is a breakthrough in other areas innovative and groundbreaking real world of science. Perspective on the world around us is so unconventional that it forces us to completely rethink the world.
As a result, he wrote his first book published The Book of Absolute Truth published in amazon Publishing on 31.07.2012. Graph school rave reviews on both sides are science and Torah.
The book was published more than 30 online stores around the world and has become an important topic of conversation these areas.
Within two and a half month he wrote his second book.
On 05.10.2012 published his second book The Book of The Root of Tree of The Knowledge was published in amazon Publishing. the book deals with evidence and additional disclosures above and other sensational discovery and spiritual progress of man., And an explanation and proof of the theory of everything, theory which is at the forefront of modern science. He argues that the answer to the theory of everything must originate from the principles of kabbalah and true science ancient and even shows it in his second book with surprising results search for a theory of everything.
His books many supporters around the world.
His books are characterized by fluent speech and thus not consumed prior knowledge in science or receiving to read them.
His books influenced by the writings of Ha'ARI Hakadosh Isaac Luria, Rashbi, Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rama, Ben Ish Chai, grandfather Israel Yisroel Ber Odesser, Rebbe Nachman Rabbi Nathan and more.
Scientifically math Chemistry Modern Physics Einstein quantum mechanics string theory God particle and more.
These days the book moves translation into other languages.
Selection of books
*The Book of Absolute Truth
*The Book of The Root of Tree of The Knowledge
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