2016 Air New Zealand incident

Air New Zealand ATR on behal of Mount Cook Airlines was boarding when suddenly a alarm warned that there is a bomb onboard the aircraft. Police arrived and checked the lugage,passengers and the entire cabin. It turned out as a false alarm.
The aircraft finished boarding at Christchurch Airport. The plane was taxing on the tarmac intill a bomb alarm sounded on the flight. The police arrived with all the passenger lined up by a Riches bus that was taking the crew member of athoer airlines. The police checked everyone on board and the luggage but there was no bomb, it was a false alarm. The plane took off a few hours later to the destination.
Police Reaction
The New Zealand Police stated that it was a false alarm and they had checked everywhere on the aircraft but there was no bomb or any wepons that is not aloud on any flights in New Zealand.
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