Making Evening and Night

Making Evening and Night is a compilation album of demos by the band VAST, released in 2014.
Album history
From October 2013, through the official VAST Facebook account, Jon Crosby put out a set of "Works In Progress," resulting in a total of five. Fans were encouraged to vote on their favorite tracks in a similar nature to the release of Turquoise & Crimson in 2003.
*"Works In Progress 1" featured three new demo tracks: "Again And Again", "Noise" and "Where'd You Go".
*"Works In Progress 2" featured five new demo tracks: "They Only Love You When You Die", "Kimi", "Fire Of Love", "Desperate" and "I Want It Back".
*"Works In Progress 3" featured four new demo tracks: "Diamonds To Coal", "Burning Desire", "The Thing They Took" and "Something About You Turns Me On".
*"Works In Progress 4" featured four new demo tracks: "Call On Me", "Broken Girl", "Like God" and "Put Your Lips Around My Generation".
*"Works In Progress 5" featured six new demo tracks: "Trail Of Tears", "Whisper My Name In Your Heart", "There Is No Tomorrow", "It's Time", "I Would Like It", and "No One Could Know".
Of all these demo tracks, "Like God" had previously been released in the same demo form in 2005 as part of the official VAST fan club package, "No One Could Know" had been played live in 2009, and "Whisper My Name In Your Heart" was played live in 2009 under the working title of "This Love Song".
The outcome of the project culminated in the release of Making Evening and Night - a double album with disc 1 featuring all the songs the fans voted for, and the second disc featuring the rest.
Comments from Jon Crosby about the album
"Hello Everyone. I think I have an idea... I've written about six new songs since I did the Works In Progress project. I feel like making a new album with these new six songs and adding a few of the songs that didn't make the fan vote. What if I put some of the songs that didn't make the vote on this new album? I will still use the top 14 to 16 fan favorites from WIP on the new VAST album, but there are songs like "Diamonds To Coal" I like the fans didn't seem to get. I would rather put a song like this on my side thing than forget about it. In my mind the WIP is split between rock and electronic anyway, and I see this Jon Crosby album being more electronic. I like "Diamonds To Coal" but I can't imagine playing it on a VAST tour."
"Works In Progress on double CD! Disc 1 has all the songs you voted on as your favorite and disc 2 has all the rest.
Hello everyone. Last summer I had the idea to take advantage of the interactive nature of the Internet and include my audience in the making of the next VAST album. It was a gamble, an experiment, and in my mind mostly just a creative concept. I released my first music after several years in hiding as "Works In Progress" and the first download was made available ten days after my daughter was born. It was a special time for me and now I would like to create a special physical piece to commemorate it by. I'm taking pre-orders now for Works In Progress One Through Five on a double-disc CD format. I'm not sure how many people will want this, but I'm creating it anyway because It's something I need to do for myself. I will sign and number each one for you."
This is a limited edition album signed and numbered by Jon Crosby. It is a special physical piece to commemorate the experiment of giving fans a sneak peek into the making of the next VAST record, as well as having a role in which songs are recorded. Disc A features songs chosen by the fans and Disc B features other works in progress from October - December 2013.
VAST CD Update and a Note From Jon
On December 17, 2014, an email from VAST and Jon Crosby was sent to fans stating the following:
"They say that no news is good news, but in the music business the opposite is usually true. That's why I've decided to open about where things are at, and what this year has been like for me. People advised me not to say much, but I think an explanation for this lull is in full order.
I've invested $100,000 over the last few years into my own professional grade recording studio ($8,000 of which came directly from you via Fundrazr) and my studio project is now complete. It was frustrating to be so close to completion for so long and have to stop due to financial problems. My apartment LITERALLY sank into the mud and cost me everything I had to repair. Because I live in Seattle, and was stuck in a 12 month lease, I had to pay double living expenses for a year without relief! It was like having my drummer live with me again. :)
This also happened at the same time I've been learning how to raise a child on my own. My life is good and I am NOT complaining, but it's important for me to tell you, my audience, my life's blood and my life's work, this lack of recent activity is not me giving up or slacking off. This has been one of the most stressful and challenging times in my life. I was squeezed by the meatballs everyday for a year and it's only now letting up. I am proud to say that things have come back together in my life, and my studio is ready to open.
I am proud of this Making Evening and Night CD but I am also ready to put it to bed. I am ready to move forward and make new music.
I will leave you with a Japanese phrase I like. Okagesamade. It roughly translates to: I am well because of you.
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones,
- Jon Crosby"
Track listing
Disc A - "Audience Selected":
#"Again And Again" - 3:11
#"No One Could Know" - 3:47
#"Call On Me" - 3:50
#"It's Time" - 4:57
#"Like God" - 3:30
#"The Fire Of Love" - 3:39
#"The Thing They Took" - 3:26
#"There Is No Tomorrow" - 6:14
#"They Only Love You When You Die" - 4:09
#"Trail Of Tears" - 3:32
#"Where'd You Go?" - 3:43
Disc B - "Audience Unselected":
#"Something About You Turns Me On" - 3:05
#"Noise" - 3:12
#"Put Your Lips Around My Generation" - 3:24
#"Diamonds To Coal" - 4:26
#"Whisper My Name In Your Heart" - 3:33
#"Burning Desire" - 2:40
#"Desperate" - 3:09
#"I Would Like It" - 3:30
#"Broken Girl" - 3:15
#"Kimi" - 4:21
#"I Want It Back" - 3:42
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