1993 Demo

1993 Demo is Bal-Sagoth's debut release. It was recorded in just a few hours, in a small recording studio above a curry shop in Sheffield. They "never officially released it because it was never officially finished", but they started releasing it among the underground music tape trading communities.
Two of the tracks were later released as bonus tracks on the Japanese sublicensed edition of the fifth Bal-Sagoth album Atlantis Ascendant in 2001. The intro on the demo is taken from the 1987 film Masters of the Universe.
Bal-Sagoth vocalist/lyricist Byron Roberts has stated in recent interviews that plans are underway to remaster the demo tracks and release them as a limited edition CD.
Track listing
*Byron Roberts - vocals
*Chris Maudling - guitars
*Jason Porter - bass
*Vincent Crabtree - keyboards
*Jonny Maudling - drums
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