A .zav file is a PC file format commonly used for transferring location information between GPS units and portable electronic travel guides.

The file format is used and supported by a large number of different Chinese manufacturers of small GPS units. The same file format is adopted by all manufacturers to allow interchangeable point sharing between different units manufactured by different companies. The most well known of these is the Olympic Guider which is a small GPS unit handed out to visitors at the Beijing Olypics to guide them around the village. This unit is proprogrammed with all the points on interest in the Village allowing the visitor to simply follow the GPS to the event of attraction he wants to see.

Similar GPS units are available in Europe and USA and marketing under a wide range of different brands. Some are sold as bicycle computers and some as hiking compasses but the electronics are all pretty much the same and they adopt the same file format.

File format

The file format is as follows

The file format is a simple text Comma Separated Variable file. The file extension is named .ZAV to ensure only files with the right structure get uploaded.

File Header

The first line in the file must contain the following text.
“ibean compatible”

The second line in the file must specify the .ZAV spec version number used to create the file currently

The third line in the file must contain the manufacturer name device type used to create the file. This line must exist but maybe left blank if required.
“Tom Tom One V3.52”

The fourth and fifth lines in the file must be the time and date the file was produced. These lines must exist but may optionally be left blank. This is for use with iBean
“24 April 2007”

The sixth line in the file identifies the person creating the file. This line must exist but optionally it may be left blank. This line is used by the ibean
“Sam Smith”

Column Headings

Some columns are mandatory and must contain accurate information. The other columns are optional and may be let blank if required of if the GPS device does not support them. Note all the columns must exist in the right places. Unused columns must exist and contain a CHR(20) space.
• Latitude 7 char mandatory
• Longitude 7 char mandatory
• Elevation 7 char mandatory
• Title 30 char mandatory
• Description 200 char optional
• Address Street. 30 char optional
• Address Town. 30 char optional
• Address Postcode 30 char optional
• Address Country. 30 char optional
• Webpage link (1) 30 char optional
• Webpage link (2) 30 char optional
• Webpage link (3) 30 char optional

4.3 Line Terminator

The last character on the line must be a comma followed by a CHR(13) CHR(10).
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