Zybourne Clock

Zybourne Clock (ザイボーン・クロック, Zaibōn Kurokku?) is an upcoming roleplaying game created with RPG Maker. First announced in 2006, Zybourne Clock takes place in a fictional, steampunk-style world. One of the stated goals of the ZC project is to create a massive video game that will feature over 100 hours of gameplay and full voice acting, and lack clichéd characters, settings and storylines, centering around a mysterious device called the Zybourne Clock. Due to repeated harassment by members of the Something Awful forums, the project has become secretive, making current information difficult to come by.


Battle System

A tech demonstration was released in 2007 demonstrating the combat system employed in Zybourne Clock. Combat in Zybourne Clock is menu-based, in which the player selects an action from a list of such options as Fight, Magic and Item and utilizes the Final Fantasy series' Active Time Battle system. The magic system is currently said to be related to music, played from an Enchanted Flute. Happy music will heal your friends, while angry music will harm your enemies, and sad music will make them depressed and unable to fight, a fourth, currently unknown musical style is yet to be released, many fans assume it is related to the Zybourne Clock somehow.



Zybourne Clock takes place on an unnamed planet, in the nation of Rasenni, bordered on the north by Bookworld and to the south by the warlike nation of Capital, which has annexed much of the land between the cities of Prey Bark and Wallitston's Hill. The world is one of magic and technology. The most important technologies yet revealed are the Zybourne Clock, Golden Egg and Electromagnetic Pulse weaponry ranging from EMP gloves to EMP grenades and firearms that fire EMP ammunition. The Zybourne Clock is thought to be a powerful time-altering device. According to leaked documents, the newest timelines replace the oldest ones, like a ball knocking another ball off a cliff.


Though little is known about Zybourne Clock, several characters have been revealed. The hero is Sylus, a true atheist who is accompanied by his clever assistant, the nonsexual flapper girl Nina. The party is also joined by Johnny "Aces" Johnson, a hard-drinking, hard-living gambler and Scholtz, a tough-as-nails photojournalist. The creator of the Zybourne Clock, Dr. Zybourne, appears to be something of a mentor to Sylus. Besides his obsession with the Zybourne Clock, the motivations of the game's antagonist, Dr. Malaprop, remain unknown.


Little is known for sure about the story of Zybourne Clock outside of leaked conceptual documents.

According to these leaked documents, the events of the game are set into motion when a robotic child steals a device called the Golden Egg from Dirk McLauren in a crowded room.

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