Zak Martin

Zak Martin is an Irish psychic who is author of several books on psychic and paranormal topics, most notably Quantum Perception and How to Develop your ESP (Harper-Collins). He is former president of the Psychic Society of Ireland, founder of the London Psychic Centre , and owner of the portal website, He has lectured extensively and written numerous articles on psychic and psychological topics. Over the last ten years he has become increasingly involved with the antiwar movement in Ireland, the UK, and Spain.
Zak Martin was born in Dublin and educated at the De La Salle Christian Brothers school in Crumlin, Dublin. He later studied English and Psychology at University College Dublin. While still a student he began to attract local media attention for his experiments into psychic abilities including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. In one widely reported experiment he attempted to conduct a game of chess by telepathy with a student in Australia. He began to give talks on psychic-related topics, at first in college and later at public venues, in the course of which he carried out psychic tests and experiments with the help of volunteers from the audience. He also began to make predictions on world events, which were published in Irish newspapers, particularly at the beginning of each year. He also became involved in a number of police investigations, including the Brittas Bay Murders, in which he was reported to have led the Irish police to the two men who were subsequently convicted of the murder of two young women.
In the 1980s Zak Martin went to live in London, where he established the London Psychic Centre at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in Baker Street, Mayfair. The Centre, which was essentially a permanent exhibition of the psychic arts, offering lectures, workshops and demonstrations in a range of psychic and occult subjects, was the subject of numerous radio and television programmes and newspaper and magazine articles in the UK and around the world. Zak Martin established his own consultancy in a private suite of the hotel. He made a number of TV appearances and was a regular guest on LBC Radio. He was also featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, including a series of articles exploring the paranormal in the Daily Mirror titled The Unknown Factor, with author and broadcaster Brian Inglis.
He opened his Natural Health Clinic at nearby York Street in 1985.
While living in London, Zak Martin was reported to have been consulted in several high profile murder and missing persons cases, and made headlines in the British press when he was approached by Scotland Yard to assist in the hunt for the Notting Hill Rapist. ,
In 1990 Zak Martin returned to Ireland where, in addition to his work as a psychic, he became involved in the music field, writing, recording and producing songs and collaborating with musicians, composers and singers. He formed a relationship with one of Ireland's leading fashion models, Rachel Murray, by whom he had a daughter, Galéna.
In 2004 Zak Martin moved to Granada, in the south of Spain, where he currently resides.
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