Young Dizzy

Royce Pertilla, (born March 5, 1985), better known as "Young Dizzy" aka "Diz", is an American hip hop recording artist from Atlanta, GA, but is more recognized as a Sacramento, CA gentilic. He is perhaps best known for his commercial debut single Booty on the Sink, which was heavily rotated across supporting stations such as KMEL, KBMB, KSFM, and more. Following the release of his hit single, Diz debuted Whistle which was released in June 2015.
Life and career
Royce Pertilla was born in Atlanta, GA where he resided until the age of 5 before his Sacramento, CA relocation took place. Raised, and fully supported, by a single mother, Diz would come to find out just how much the love for music resided in him. Diz acquired his first karaoke machine at the age of 8, and began writing and recording his novice raps under his self given name, "Lil D". In junior high, he would participate in talent shows until his skills and technique graduated him to studio visits. Sharpening his skills with poems and musical demos on his down time, Diz would soon come to be noticed by his peers as a "complete artist" (meaning he could write, rap, and produce), and began to be sought after for the contributions he could make to other artists' projects behind the scenes.
Diz's first official mixtape was Juice released 2005, followed by Flatline, released 2009, that delivered a full 12 tracks with a noted feature from former Grand Hustle artist Yung LA. After Flatline came the release of CPR in August 2009 with features in the likes of Ying Yang Twins, and Kurupt. The single G-5, and award-winning video, from Diz's Flatline was what motivated the west coast and mid west tour run in 2014. Diz also started, and participated in, the "Elevate 2 Educate" stay in school promotional run promoting higher education and reduction of dropout rate.
In 2013, Diz released the original version of Booty on the Sink featuring Ted Digtl, followed by a remastered version featuring Clyde Carson. Gaining some real ground at this point, Diz the released his following single Whistle which was featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and celebrated as one of the best independent music videos from a Sacramento artist.
* Juice
* Flatline "Assassination 11"
* SacTown
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